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Ratings and reviews for VIVA Choose-A-Sheet* Paper Towels, White, Big Roll, 6 Rolls (Pack of 4)

Ratings and reviews for VIVA Choose-A-Sheet* Paper Towels, White, Big Roll, 6 Rolls (Pack of 4)
based on 23 rating(s)
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Price: $38.99 $34.99 (10% off)
Binding: Health and Beauty
Studio: Viva
Manufacturer: Viva
Product Group: Health and Beauty
Sales Rank: 3566
Description: With its cloth-like durability, VIVA Paper Towels help you tackle any job, wet or dry. From the kitchen to the bathroom, and all rooms in between, VIVA Paper Towels are absorbent and clean like cloth for cleanups throughout your home. Durable VIVA Paper Towels are tough on messes, but soft on skin. The Choose-A-Sheet* Big Rolls have 88 individually perforated sheets per paper towel roll. These paper towels let you select a size for any mess. Plus, by stocking up online, you can have VIVA conveniently delivered to your doorstep and on-hand for cleaning at moment’s notice. Strong and soft, VIVA is ready to help you achieve an exceptional, thorough clean.
UPC: 036000260281

Reviews 1 to 10 of 23
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amazon logo Why the Drop in Quality, Viva?
Viva used to be the softest paper towels I ever used, felt like cloth. And with choose a size, you don't waste many. For a person like me who has to wash his hands 20 times a day at work, these were Godsend. They can also be used as dinner napkins.

Not any more!

Looks like they tried to improve it and make it multipurpose for hand and surface cleaning. The new Viva has one abrasive side now, which helps in cleaning the surfaces, but is not as soft any more. My subjective impression is that there is that absorbency has also been reduced but they are at least as absorbent as Bounty, still these are less abrasive compared to Bounty and others.

May be they need to manufacture a variety of paper towels: some soft, smooth and absorbent for wiping hands; and others a little more abrasive for surfaces. My hands sure miss the old Viva paper towels.
26 of 26 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo Liked the Original Viva much better
I have been using Viva paper towels for years now because I feel they are far superior to other paper towels. However, it appears that Viva has changed their product quite significantly and I'm not sure what to think. They are soft on one side and rougher on the other side which totally changes the absorbency and consistency of the towel. It's not terrible but it certainly is not the same soft, thick superior towel that it used to be.

I'm not sure if it's worth the price at this point. I gave it 4 stars but wavered between 3 and 4. If it were the original paper towel it would have received the highest marks. Very disappointed in Viva.
19 of 19 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo Viva has changed.
Viva has changed - and not for the better.

We loved the soft, cloth-like Viva Towels, but this last package we bought is as rough and scratchy as ordinary paper towels.

There's no reason to buy Viva any more.
14 of 14 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo Half Sheet Rip-off!!!!
I ordered these towels because they were listed as 88 sheets as compared to 44 of the standard towel!!!! What a rip-off, these are seperated in half sheets, so you get the same amount as the standard roll, but you pay more!!! My advice is stay away from this offer and stick to the standard 44 count Viva towel!!!!
10 of 13 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo Great, if you like Sandpaper!
I've been using Viva Paper Towels for as long as I can remember. At least 7 years or more. I used to LOVE them. They were so soft and cloth-like. They were the absolute best. Then about a year ago something happened. They got rougher to the touch. Several people commented on it here. But tonight I just opened up my most recent roll that I purchased and it FELT LIKE SANDPAPER! It was so rough. I felt the difference immediately. I was stunned. And yet I couldn't believe it. I thought it must be a bad roll. So I pulled a couple of the other rolls out and touched them... same thing. They were all like that... like sandpaper to the touch. They're horrible now. Even if you use it just to clean you're not going to like the way they feel to your hands. Literally like sandpaper.
10 of 10 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo A RIP
Viva's offer here is questionable. These are so dull. Its attitude, "You take what WE give you" according to my local store.
3 of 9 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo Totally agree with reviews slamming the change in quality.
Bottom line:

These used to be the most versatile, highest quality paper towel on the market. Totally worth the price of admission for their cloth-like goodness.

Now they're just scratchy expensive crap.

I'll be looking for a replacement brand.

WTF, Viva?
8 of 8 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo apparently value has been replaced what works!
I certainly appreciate the reviews here at Amazon which saved me $38.00 bucks.

I have been a Viva paper towel user for many years and was shocked and disheartened when the last package of Viva Towels I bought at Costco were perforated.
I don't like change!
But quickly adjusted to the new "that's Good Idea" of using a smaller sheet.
Then it became obvious to me that I hadn't seen Viva Towels at ether Costco or Sam's Club for quite awhile. I'm beginning to see the reason why, PRICE!, and now, what you're used to is not what you get.

I'll share a couple tips I've used in the past with Viva Towels.
Surprise!, I used to wash and dry my lightly used Viva towels with other whites. They shrink but are suitable to blow your nose on or use to check the car oil.

In the by-and-by I discovered the rolls of Blue shop towels. When they are washed and dried they are perfect, in fact after laundering, they are just like a old style full sheet Viva towel.

Finally, I bought a 25 count package of cloth white food service towels at Sam's Club ($15.78 Item #: 461777) and use those rather than viva towels.

The washed blue shop towels replaced the 1 tissue 1 use Kleenex nose wipes. The cloth bar towels have replaced the Viva's that were used around the kitchen sink. I still use viva's to soak up grease "in the pan" while frying chicken or any greasy meat.

As the economy changes so must the consumer leaving the manufactures to dumb down their products either by quality or size of product while raising the cost to the consumer.
We all have to adapt don't we!

Sorry Viva!
7 of 8 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo Not the Viva I remember
I decided to be different and buy Viva for a change. I really thought I was living the high life since I decided to purchase the king of all paper towels. Well, I have since changed my mind. This did not seem like the old Viva towels that I once bought. I was almost glad to be done with them finally and have no desire to use them again. I did not like the feel or even the smell of them. Not happy with.
6 of 6 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo Viva paper towels turned to crap but why I still use them
Good things don't last forever. The best thing on earth use to be VIVA paper towels until they turned to crap this past year (2011). What a shame. Now they suck. But they are still the best paper towel so I continue to use them. Maybe Viva knew they were so good they could save money by making them cheaper and sacrificing quality. By making them not quite as good as they were I'm sure they save in production costs but is it worth alienating all their loyal consumers who loved and appreciated high quality paper towels? Viva paper towels used to feel like a soft cotton cloth and were highly absorbent. They are now thinner and less absorbent. Viva now feels like Bounty (which is not a compliment). So poop on Viva! They turned a wonderful product into one that is nearly as average as all the others. You'd think they would have wanted to continue to be outstanding. Will continue to buy begrudgingly.
2 of 2 people found this review helpful.

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