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Ratings and reviews for The Marshall Mathers LP

Ratings and reviews for The Marshall Mathers LP
based on 1065 rating(s)
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Price: $10.98 $11.99 (61% off)
Artist(s): Eminem
Release Date: 5/23/2000
Theatrical Release Date: 5/23/2000
Binding: Audio CD
Format: Explicit Lyrics
Region Code: 1
Rating: NR (Not Rated)
Number of Discs: 1
Studio: Aftermath
Manufacturer: Aftermath
Product Group: Music
Edition: Parental Advisory ed.
Genre: Rap
Sales Rank: 2313
ISBN: B00004T9UF
UPC: 606949062927

Reviews 1 to 10 of 1065
Pageof 107
amazon logo This is some SICK & TWISTED FUN!
If this CD was made by HBO films, it would definitely qualify as a "guilty pleasure"! Lyrically, Eminem is brutally honest and holds no punches - dissing everybody from Will Smith, Britney Spears, President Clinton, Christine Aguilera, Christopher Reeves...and so on. This boy has some serious issues! With 18 tracks deep of punchlines and hooks that hurt, you'll get your money's worth.

Standout cuts are:

"Marshall Mathers" - In his sick-but-honest manner, Em addresses issues that affect him personally like phony family members, Tupac and Biggie's death, and boy bands.

"Stan" - This track displays his true writing talent. In jarring detail, Em displays the thoughts of a troubled fan desparate for his attention.

"Who Knew" - This is aimed directly at parents who blame all the troubles they have with their children on Em and others in the entertainment industry. Definitely worth the listen for those with teens.

"Kim" - Not for those raised in an abusive household. Brutal, in-depth view of a jealous husband/lover with a motive to be "rid" of his girl.

"Criminal" - Twisted and funny (especially the robbery scene). Eminem displays his many personalities with tight lyrics.

Helping to hold this album down are his boys D-12 (Dirty Dozen) from his hometown Detroit. They represent on the demented "Amityville" track and on "Under The Influence".

Compared to his debut album, this album is a lot darker. Please remember folks, this is just entertainment. Relax and enjoy.

-Kenetic Monk

232 of 277 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo Disgust
Well, I feel that anything with such horrible production and ill placed beats deserves this rating. Shock appeal is the key.. ...
24 of 91 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo Eminem avoids the sophomore slump
Wow! Many lack luster artists run out material by their second album, but Eminem has not only come up with new original songs, he's matured as an artist as well. Much of the album deals with Eminem's reaction to sudden stardom and his reflection on The Slim Shady LP. Listeners will notice this right away with PSA 2000. Where PSA from the Slim Shady LP was a warning, PSA 2000 is Eminem's response to criticism. "Stan" and "Marshall Mathers" are both excellent tracks that express a new Eminem who has experienced the goods and the bads of what it means to be famous. Yet Eminem lets us know that he has not changed, other people's perception of him has changed. Eminem weaves all of his emotions into the trademark lyrical style that earned him a Grammy. The downside of Eminem's original style is that guest rappers on the album seem out of place at times. All in all, The Marshall Mathers LP is a brilliant follow-up to his wildly successful debut album. Fans will not be disappointed!
61 of 75 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo The most wicked album ever!
Having picked up the album on the day of release in England, this is dope! It's a lot better than his first album: don't believe me, check out the album's masterpiece 'Stan' about his obsessive fan! It's, in places, as funny, if not funnier than the 'Slim Shady LP', and will even fulfill you Dre heads with guests including RBX, Dre, X to the Z, Snoop, Nate and Sticky Fingaz, and D-12's own Bizarre. Basically, pick this up, it's hotter than hell!
49 of 60 people found this review helpful.
I guess I'm very lucky that I didn't spend money on this. A coworker of mine mentioned he had this CD so I asked to borrow it. Now, I'll be the first to admit that I am NOT a rap fan, but my curiosity got the best of me and I had to find out for myself what all the hoopla was about. And am I *EVER* glad I didn't spend money on this.

What's interesting is that young Mr. Mathers seems to possess quite a gift for rhyme and delivery which he unfortunately squanders in subject matters that are reminescent of a third-grader who just learned his first dirty word. The music is catchy, his delivery and enunciation are clear, and some of his phrasing is funny and sometimes actually clever (such as in "Who Knew" where he chastises parents for not having kept a closer eye on their children who learned to spew expletives left and right, presumably from an album such as his). But all these positives are so quickly erased by his choice of subject matters and his insistence on using as many vulgarities as he can within the 3-minute time span alloted for each song.

The whole thing is offensive, [and] not primarily because of the choice of vulgar words and the subject matters ...


PARENTS, TAKE NOTE: You *NEED* to listen to this! This is not an album whose worst offense is a bit of innuendo. This is hard-core vulgarity at its worst. Should your 12 year-old really be listening to this? Pop this in yourself and just listen to track 1 "PSA 2000". Your ears will bleed. I'm all for freedom of speech, but this is definitely not an album for kids.

32 of 60 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo Funny lyrics and.....what else?
I'm not denying Eminem has skills to a certain level, but really. Once you get passed the funny lines, what's left? He has very little substance as far as lyrics go. Pretty much a one-dimensional MC. On "The Marshall Mathers LP," you'll find many stabs at groups such as Backstreet Boys, N'Stynk, I mean N'Sync, ICP, etc, as well as Britney Spears and the rest of the pop girl bands & boy bands. He gets his point across, and sure it's funny....to a certain extent. To me, an album like this consisting of comedy is good for two or three listens. You'll be laughing listening to it the first few times, but by the fourth time through, you'll take it out and before you know it there's dust gathering on the cover.
His one real attempt to stray away from the funnyness is "Stan," a story about a crazed fan who is suicidal cuz he can't be with his idol, Eminem. This would be a very-well constructed story except for one thing--the first verse doesn't rhyme at all. Still, it may be the best track on the album simply because it's a breath of fresh air from all the crazy lyrics and misguided flows. Speaking of misguided flows, his attempts at switching up his flow on a few tracks are all-out wack. He sounds like nothing more than a whiteboy tryin to sound hard.
"Kim" is just loud noise--pointless. "B**ch Please 2" doesn't match up to the original. "Real Slim Shady," well, at one time that might've been a pretty good track, but after gettin drug through the mud by MTV, now it's just 'blah.' And "Amityville" has to be one of the lousiest tracks I've heard in a long time.
Hidden amongst the mediocre are a few more standout tracks, namely "Kill You" and "Marshall Mathers." But those fail to push this album above "average" status.
I am not an Eminem hater (why would I have bought this album if I was?). But, to truly be considered a great MC, you have to come with more SUBSTANCE than just funny lines. Take an artist like Mos Def for example. He produces, he writes meaningful, poignant lyrics, and he has the creativity to do a great song about plain old water. That's the sign of a truly great MC. Maybe on his next album, Eminem will try to push his limit and step his substance-level up significantly. But as far as "The Marshall Mathers LP" goes, he fails to capture and HOLD the attention of the listener.
28 of 54 people found this review helpful.
EMINEM HAS NO VERSATILITY AS A LYRICIST, AND THAT FACT IS EVIDENCED BY THIS ALBUM. HE HAS NO DEPTH, ITS ALL ABOUT SWEARING AND FUNNY LINES. THAT MAY BE ENOUGH TO SATISFY SOME PEOPLE, BUT NOT ME. ...s album might be disturbing but you can't deny that he produces good songs. ... best songs I've heard in a while. Kim and Stan are probably the two most wacked out songs as far as what he's saying. But that's the real slim shady.Oh yeah, by the way, don't be fooled by his new song "The Real Slim Shady" his album is much darker than that song, in a good way though.

Shady wrote some of each song.In my opinion the best song on the album is "The Way I Am" which is written,produced,and mixed by Eminem.It's one of the less disturbing songs and it's got a phat beat and well written lyrics. My only complaint is I would have liked to see him do more producing since he shows in that song he has the talent to do so.



17 of 40 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo Well worth the wait
"The Marshall Mathers LP" is a stellar stand alone album and it is a more than impressive follow-up to "The Slim Shady LP" (which I thought was a classic)...In his first CD Eminem rapped about his life before he made his first album...in this album he talks about life since his first album...

This album is full of the unbelievable lyrical twisting and word arrangement that has become synonymous with Eminem...(You become so used to hearing his awesome flow that you almost forget how hard it is to give you verse after verse of hot lyrics)...If you are a true hip-hop fan you will love this album...(like Rah Digga said "Checkin for the rhymes not checkin for the track")...Pick any song and you will find more hot lyrics than you would find on the entire album of some of today's "hottest" rappers...don't get me wrong though...the tracks are hot too...

The only place where the album lacks is in the guest appearances...None of the guests on the album can touch Eminem in lyrical skills so they actually sound really wack next to him...(except track 15...Dre, Snoop and Xzibit hold their own)...

If you are familiar with Eminem, the album will not shock you as much as "The Slim Shady LP"...which is good...he has already made it known that he will say anythihg...any further attempt to prove that would be ridiculous...

If you didn't like the last album...or what Eminem has put out since...you won't like this album...This album is full of the same themes, tones and content of his previous work...but if you loved what Eminem has put out before...you will definately love this...

33 of 36 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo This is the worst cd i have ever heard.
This cd was so offensive to the beautiful Christina agulara and to his wife kim and women and gay men it makes me wish i didn't buy it. The only good song on there is stan... But that isn't that good so if your out there and thinking of not buying it don't bother.
19 of 36 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo Powerful and unbelievably good from start to finish
The release of The Marshall Mathers LP must have driven a whole bunch of Eminem-haters crazy because, with this second album, Eminem proved he was here to stay. In my opinion, this is the best of Eminem's first three albums, taking the rap and hip-hop up more than a few notches from the already lofty heights attained in The Slim Shady LP. This artist's unique personal flair really bursts forth here, giving us beats and rhymes much more complex and musically adept than what had come before. In addition, Eminem has by now thoroughly come into his own. He is intentionally courting controversy, daring his critics and those who would love to have him censored or simply locked away somewhere to step outside with everything they have. Those who will look underneath the violence and the swearing and the offensive remarks Eminem makes in his lyrics will find a deeply complex person with something important to say, a man who does, in his own special way, highlight the kind of real problems many young people face in the modern world, and the accusing fingers he points in all directions often serve to highlight the problems inherent in the individual and society itself. And, as he is wont to say, he is the only person brave enough to say these things.

This album hits the floor running with Kill You, a track announcing to the world Eminem's confidence in himself and rejection of authority and criticism. This level of comfort and confidence proves a great boon to the next track Stan, a song in which he reverses roles and plays the innocent good guy who is too late to help a deeply troubled fan. Eminem marvels at his own stardom in Who Knew and Marshall Mathers, breaks the news to the Eminem-haters that I'm Back, and taunts them all, with a little help from RBX and Sticky Fingez, with the track Remember Me?. The Way I Am is an important song, as Eminem clearly understands that his public persona is not the real Marshall Mathers but is rather whatever the people think he is; to his critics, he will always be a subversive criminal corrupting the youth of America, but to his fans he is something much different. Songs like Amityville (featuring Bizarre from D-12) and ... Please II (with Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Xzibit and Nate Dogg) raise the levels of violence and strong language up to a level that might not appeal to all Eminem fans, but the tracks are very well laid out. Criminal is the perfect ending to the album, a final statement about Eminem's nature and the interpretation of what he does by the public at large. However, the most important track on this second album, in many ways the song that made me a fan, is Kim. This track, a prequel to the first album's Bonnie and Clyde 97, is understandably controversial, seeing as how it is basically a fantasy about Eminem murdering his wife, but in a very, very strange way it is actually a love song of sorts. Few songs can rival it in terms of the immense power it communicates, especially toward the end when Eminem is basically shouting, letting go of all the betrayal and anger he feels inside.

I am not really into rap and hip-hop in general, so it is difficult for me to review albums such as this. Beyond trying to communicate how incredible I think The Marshall Mathers LP is, the main point I would like to make is that no one should simply dismiss this music without listening to it for themselves. Many of those who objectively give Eminem a chance will still hate the guy, but it is much better to determine your own feelings first-hand as opposed to dissing the guy simply because you've heard he is violent and dangerous or because some group has labeled him a bad influence on young people.

33 of 35 people found this review helpful.

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