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Ratings and reviews for The Eminem Show

Ratings and reviews for The Eminem Show
based on 809 rating(s)
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Price: $10.98 $9.27 (46% off)
Artist(s): Eminem
Release Date: 5/26/2002
Theatrical Release Date: 5/28/2002
Binding: Audio CD
Format: Explicit Lyrics
Region Code: 1
Rating: NR (Not Rated)
Number of Discs: 1
Studio: Interscope Records
Manufacturer: Interscope Records
Product Group: Music
Edition: Parental Advisory ed.
Genre: Gangsta & Hardcore Rap
Sales Rank: 3095
UPC: 060694932902

Reviews 1 to 10 of 809
Pageof 81
amazon logo A step up from the last album
As witty as "The Marshall Mathers LP" was, "The Eminem Show" seems to be even wittier. This time, Eminem concentrates less on pushing buttons, and more on social and personal commentary.

Curtains Up(skit) - Just some sound effects giving the impression of Em walking up to a microphone.

White America - A heavy sounding song about how Eminem has unwittingly reached so many people in so many different ways. He points out how he wouldn't be targeted so much if he was black.

Business - Dre's G-funk production is easily recognizable here, and is just as groovy as ever. Em plays the role of Robin to Dre's Batman, much like the current video for "Without Me".

Cleaning Out My Closet - Self explanatory title. Here, Em once again vents his thoughts on his fame, ex-wife, and mother, but manages to say enough new stuff to keep from sounding repetative.

Square Dance - Don't let the title fool you, its still a rap song. Em says this song overall is intended to help you forget stuff and let loose. A few pot shots at Cannabis pop up here.

The Kiss(skit) - A loose recreation of the events that led to Eminem's arrest.

Soldier - With all the negative press, lawsuits, and newfound fame coming at him, Em describes himself as someone who keeps moving along despite all the pressure around him.

Say Goodbye to Hollywood - This seems to be Em saying that after all the things that have happened to him, he can't be carefree anymore.

Drips - A tale about how Obie Trice hooked up with a fictional girlfriend of Eminem, and wound up getting some kind of STD. Basically, this song is a graphic picture about the dangers of unprotected sex.

Without Me - The traditional, catchy, leadoff single with the Slim Shady persona in full force. Sounds different enough from "My Name Is" and "The Real Slim Shady" to hold its own.

Paul Rosenbeurg(skit) - Em's manager urgently warns him not to carry his gun around.

Sing for the Moment - Using a sample of Aerosmith's "Dream on", Em tells us in his own unique way how and why kids are drawn to him and entertainers in general.

Superman - A twisted semi-love song about Em's ex-wife. He indicates they may get back together down the road, but for now he could care less because "I can't be your Superman".

Halie's Song - A heartfelt ode to his beloved daugher. Em himself admits that he can't sing that good. Someone said how this sounded similar to the boy bands that Em puts down. Well, the difference is he wrote this himself, and the feelings are real.

Steve Berman(skit) - The head of Interscope records doesn't get a chance to say what he wants to say about this album.

When the Music Stops - The members of D-12 lend a hand in telling how life can be rough when the focus is not on music anymore.

Say What U Say - Em and Dre go back and forth in dissing Jermaine Dupri.

'Till I Collapse - The beat is identical to Queen's "We Will Rock You", and makes for an arena-rock sounding ode to Em's desire to continue on. Nate Dogg provides a very catchy chorus.

My Dad's Gone Crazy - Em's daughter is featured here, and she comments on what we've known all along. All the subject matter on the album is summed up well in the last few verses.

Curtains Close(skit) - Ken Kaniff is left all by himself as "The Eminem Show" ends.

... about for a sec then tells his mind.Em shows his songwriting gift.VERY GOOD SONG.
20-Curtain's Close-Ken Keniff is back closing out the show.


This CD really impressed me and should impress you as well.
Sorry this review is so long.Anyway this CD is well worth the 15 bucks.Hell, I think it should be more if u ask me.

120 of 136 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo Cleaning out your wallets
Here's the version of Cleaning Out My Closet that Eminem really meant:I'm sorry peopleI never meant to hurt youI never meant to rip you offBut tonight i'm cleaning out your wallets.More whiny rantings about the critics, and Mom and his dysfunctional life. I'm sorry i ever took the least bit of interest in this guy. His act is old and has worn out its welcome a long time ago. His voice really sounds so immature. Like a little kid. Anyone who thinks he's so great and that he actually does great "music" needs to go play in the freeway. My farts have more entertainment value. I think 90% of his audience are white kids 25 and under. Pretty soon he'll be remembered as just a novelty act. It's a disgrace that he got a top ten song from this cd only because he ripped off a sample of an Aerosmith song. His cd will be good for wiping my bum with.
23 of 78 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo Slim Talents
Well, here we go again. Another Eminem CD. Anything new to expect?. Anything good?. Of course not. This is Eminem. The guy is a one trick pony. He took what made him controversial on the last CD and just re-does it again. Same old garbage. His talents are excruciatingly low, and his voice is one that can cause migraines bad enough to make your head explode. He doesn't do anything. Nada. Zip. Zilch. What untalented person can't write songs and make fun of people in it?. There is not a single thing he does that some nobody off the street couldn't do. Eminem is mad?. What a surprise. Eminem curses?. Shocking!. Eminem attacks good, respectable people?. Gee, he's never done that before. The only thing this nobody is good at is pushing the buttons and getting himself attention. It shouldn't be hard to do since he just does the same thing over and over again. He tries to sing on "Hallie's Song", but can't. At least he is trying to show people he can sing. Sadly, he can't. It's excruciating to try to listen to him try to think that he has any vocal talent at all. Em, you don't. Don't even try. One person even said he cut out the swearing on the song and called him a great dad. Oh brother. Yeah, really great. Eminem is the kind of artist with a short shelf life. You think dreck like this will go on for 10, 15 years?. No. There is a spot waiting for Eminem at the Washed Up Talentless Home right next to M.C. Hammer and Vanilla Ice.
33 of 57 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo No Thanks...
Completely dreadful! Am I the only teenager left in America that's not buying into this? I don't understand what the big deal is. This guy just squeaks and cusses over a beat that sounds like a bunch of kids messing around with a keyboard at your local Radio Shack. (Aerosmith should [take action against Eminem] for butchering their classic "Dream On".) As for the lyrics: am I supposed to be offended? Am I supposed to be scared? Am I supposed to feel sorry for this guy? Sorry, but I don't feel any of those. Rest assured his 15 minutes of fame are just about over.

Click "Helpful" if you agreed with everything I just said, or click "Not Helpful" if you don't wanna believe any of it.

24 of 50 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo Shady's back and better then ever!
Shady seems to get wizer with his lyrics ever album. This album explodes with great lyrics, beats, and a tight production. Dr. Dre and Eminem are the best duo. Marshall tells about social issues in America he expresses his thoughts in great detail throughout the album you get a sense of what he is going through in his life.

Curtains Up Skit- Show's Eminem ready to talk on the microphone.

White America- Displays Eminem's talent to reach out to his fans and how's he's influenced them awesome song! Very heavy

Business- One of my favorite tracks it's awesome with Dre's beats. It's kind of a batman and Robin duo. Great Lyricsm on this track it's a standout!!

Cleanin Out My Closet- Eminem talks about his fame, his ex wife, and his mother, this song tells the fans what Eminem's feeling.

Square Dance- Don't let the title fool you. Eminem seems mad on this track he trash talks canibus! It's a good rap song.

The Kiss Skit- The events that led to Eminem's arrest.

Soldier- Tells about how even though Eminem has had lawsuits against him, the press against him, and his newfound fame, he takes it all in and still moves on like a soilder.

Say Goodbye Hollywood- Talks about all the things that have happened to Shady and how he needs to keep his feet above the ground.

Drips- Talks about Obie Trice he raps about sex and STDS. Basically a son about Eminem's fictional girlfriend.

Without Me- One of my favorite tracks. Eminems first lead single and he basically tells about how he's back and better then ever. Very funny song.

. Paul Rosenberg (Skit)- Em's manager telling em not to carry a gun around anywhere.

Sing For The Moment- Aerosmith tune telling how his fans and other enterainers are attached to em.

Superman- Tells about his ex wife. And how he can care less about the situation. How's he single and his laid back attitude.

Hailie's Song- Lovesong to his daughter. Describing his feelings in this heartfelt song.

Steve Berman(skit) - The head of Interscope records says what he wants to say about this album.

When The Music Stops- Awesome talks about Em's issues and what he's feeling tight beat guest spot by D12 one of my favorite songs on this album.

Say What U Say - Em and Dre rap dissing Jermaine Dupri.

'Till I Collapse- Don't really like this song tells about how em is going to continue with his rap career till he collapse how much he loves the game and how rapping is his life!

My Dad's Gone Crazy- Eminem shines on this song it tells about him and what we've known all along Em is a little crazy!

The Curtains close- The Em show sadly ends.

*****5 stars great album!! Funny

28 of 36 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo 3 Times In A Row
Eminem has established himself as a household name, and probably the most well-known rap artist of his generation. He has produced 3 multi-platinum CDs in 4 years and has released over a dozen singles. His lyrics are amazing, and his production is nearly flawless. His nasal flow has worked its way into nearly all of America's ears. All of his CDs are non-fast-forward works of brilliant art, and this is no exception. I love Eminem, and this is a great album from him. I reccomend it to everyone, not just because of its brilliance, but also because it can be enjoyed but almost everyone as long as you don't mind cursing and some downright disgusting lyrics.

Here's my track-by-tracj analysis:
1. "Curtains Up" - It's just an intro, not as entertaining as the other 2.

2. "White America" (5/5) - An angry song with a cool video. Great with good lyrics and a hard beat. Gets tired after too many listens though.

3. "Business" (5/5) - Great song, upbeat fast paced beat and great lyrics.

4. "Cleanin Out My Closet" (5/5) - Heartfelt, good song. Really enjoyed it. Good video also.

5. "Square Dance" (4/5) - Upbeat, good lyrics. Anti-Bush but whatever. Took a few listens to get used to though.

6. "The Kiss" - Skit, not as good as others I've heard from Eminem.

7. "Soldier" (5/5) - Hard song, great. Pretty good lyrics also.

8. "Say Goodbye To Hollywood" (5/5) - Great at first, gets a little annoying after awhile though.

9. "Drips" (4/5) - Annoying at first, but gets better after some listens. Good although nasty lyrics.

10. "Without Me" (4/5) - Great upbeat song, funny and good lyrics. Loses a point because it was overplayed.

11. "Paul Rosenberg" - Another below average skit.

12. "Sing For The Moment" (5/5) - Amazing song, phenomenal lyrics. Great chorus by Aerosmith, "Dream On" is a great song. Yet another single.

13. "Superman" (5/5) - Takes a few listens to get used to, but an upbeat song. Good, I liked it. Good video though, i saw the uncensored version on my 8 Mile DVD.

14. "Hailie's Song' (5/5) - Heartfelt, a little overplayed on the radio though. I really liked it thought, good lyrics, although Eminem is not a very good singer.

15. "Steve Berman" - Eminem really didn't do a good job on the skits with this album, I liked the others from his older albums.

16. "When The Music Stops" (5/5) - Good song, great verse by Eminem.

17. "Say What You Say" (5/5) - Another great song, especcially lyric wise.

18. "Til I Collapse" (5/5) - Good song with a great Nate Dogg chorus.

19. "My Dad's Gone Crazy" (4/5) - Great lyrics, takes a little bit to get used to though.

20. "Curtains Close" - The outro, not good.

Overall, I felt that this was another phenomanal effort by Eminem, a great record. A lot of hits too, "White America", "Cleanin Out My Closet", "Without Me", "Sing For The Moment", "Superman", "Hailie's Song", "My Dad's Gone Crazy", there might have been some more or less.

23 of 33 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo Good... Not Great
"The Eminem Show" lacks the powerful single "The Marshall Mathers LP" had with "The Real Slim Shady". "Without Me" is supposed to be that single but the chorus isn't catchy enough.

Song ratings of this album:

White America - 8/10 - Eminem shouting "White America!" is very catchy. Very good song.

Business - 7/10 - The beat is great in this song, but it gets a lower score because of the loud beaths Em takes toward the end of the last verse.

Cleanin' Out My Closet - 8/10 - Great song, the first single for his movie "8 Mile".

Square Dance - 7/10 - Eminem with his southern accent in the chorus is catchy but can get annoying.

Soldier - 6/10 - Eminem raps his fastest here but the "I'm a soldier..." chorus doesn't get me hooked in like some of his other ones.

Say Goodbye To Hollywood - 5/10 - Half the song is the chorus. On the last verse he is off on the beat and ends up overlapping his rap into the chorus.

Drips - 9/10 - Nice touch with Obie Trice but Trice could have been better if he stopped describing his orgasm and rapped some better rhymes. Eminem's verse is great, as is the chorus.

Without Me - 8/10 - This song is the last album's "The Real Slim Shady" only not as good.

Sing For The Moment - 8/10 - This is song the last album's "Stan". Nice touch with the Aerosmith chorus and the solo guitarist at the end. It's not as deep as "Stan" but has the same feeling.

Superman - 8/10 - Love the chorus.

Hailie's Song - 6/10 - Eminem shows why he is a better rapper than he is a singer in this song.

When The Music Stops - 7/10 - Lacks a chorus but it is more fun to listen to his D-12 friends rap than Em himself.

Say What You Say - 7/10 - The rapping is just way too slow to be a hit.

Till I Collapse - 6/10 - Nate Dogg is great in this song, but the beat is just way too simple. It is practically Queen's "We Will Rock You" beat with the boom, boom, clap beat.

My Dad's Gone Crazy - 4/10 - Hailie Jade is so annoying its not even funny. This song should have been left off the album. Em's rhymes are pretty good but its his daughter's voice that is just ear burning.

Download "The Way I Am", Eminem's greatest song ever.

Pick this up. Nice bass to go along with your system.

13 of 31 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo Surprising
I'm of a different breed when it comes to music taste. I'm only 22 years old and I'd take 80's rock over any other kind of music. While 99.99% of other people my age listen to the new stuff like alternative, rap, or even Britney Spears, I go for the 80's, 70's, and even a little bit of country.

However.....I've never been closed minded when it comes to music. I like a lot of the music from the 90's and a little bit from the 00's (if that's what we call this decade). I like one Britney Spears song, a few rap songs here and there, and even two or three songs from the Backstreet Boys.

Unless you count the Space Jam album, I haven't ever owned a rap album. One day when I was on my way to getting something to eat for supper from a fast food restaurant, the local 80's station and other stations that played stuff from the 70's - 00's just happened to be playing songs that I couldn't stand. So I turned it to 103.7, a station that played almost nothing but the hits that are currently taking the world by storm. And what do you know, I had no idea what song it was or who was singing it, but I heard a song called "Without Me" that had an infectious beat and catchy rapping that I liked a lot.

Upon finding out it was Eminem, I couldn't believe it. I had cut down Eminem before when my online friends were praising him, even though I hadn't heard any of his stuff except for on short commercials. Come to find out, my mom had his newest album, The Eminem Show, and she said I could borrow it. She even went so far as to say that if I liked it, I could keep it, because she doesn't like it much. "Eh, I probably won't like any songs other than "Without Me", but what the heck? I'll take a listen one day on one of my hour-long road trips to college."

I liked almost every song on the whole cd. I like how Eminem tells you his real-life story in many of his song such as "White America." You'll learn by listening to the lyrics that he was born in 1973, that he's not a big fan of his dad, what he thinks of being a famous white rapper, and much more. He even includes a song that's devoted to his daughter with "Hailie's Song." While that's great, what really made this an album that I was glad to add to my collection are the great beats, and most of all, the rapping, even though I'm not a huge rap fan at all. Also, one song, "Sing For The Moment", includes a good bit of the chorus from the classic Aerosmith hit, "Dream On." Gotta love that as well. "My Dad's Gone Crazy" is hilarious, and the album contains five skits.

If you like even one song you've heard from The Eminem Show, go ahead and get the whole album, because you'll probably like the majority of the tracks. That's what happened to me. I've found that it's especially good to listen to when you're on the road and you're feeling a little sleepy. It'll keep you wide awake as you listen to the lyrics or simply get down (not literally since you're driving, of course) with the beats. Bottom line: All of Eminem's attention and success isn't due to him being the first white rapper to make it big; he's got boat loads of talent.

My Top 5:

1. Without Me
2. When The Music Stops
3. White America
4. Say What You Say
5. Sing For The Moment

26 of 30 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo A waste of £15.99!!!
I'm going to get straight to the point, this album is WIGGLY WIGGLY WHACK YA'LL!!!

*If you're a Rap fan read this-

'Superman', 'When the music stops' and 'Say what you say' are the only good Rap songs on this album.
The other tracks are just watered down commercial BS- the type that suburban girls named Melissa sing along to in their car whilst driving to the Mall! -The type also that sells more albums!

Don't get me wrong the dude can still rap, but it's very hard to take him seriously and ''give him the props he deserves'' as a rapper, with irritating 'Poppy' tracks like 'Haile's song' and 'Sing for the moment.'
Sure a rock mix on one track, possibly even two tracks isn't necessarily a bad thing on a Rap LP. On this album however far too many tracks are rock mix influenced, and you can't help but feel that Eminem is trying to appeal to a far too broad audience.

*Conversely if you're a Pop/Rock fan read this-

This album is awesome, the best tracks are 'Cleanin out my closet' and 'My dad's gone crazy.' If you've not bought a rap album before (which is highly likely) make this you're first one!
Stay clear of Nore and Ludacris- they're so hard to understand, they should rap slower!

I hope that this has been helpful!

15 of 30 people found this review helpful.
Oh boy, where to begin...Ok Eminem is some lame white kid who grew up in a wealthy suburban town with wealthy loving parents. Then this clown decided to dress like an african american and attempt to rap. And by rap I mean whine about how terrible his multi-million dollar life is. Boo Hoo I have fake mental problems and pretend my mom hates me! No suprise hundreds of lame rich white kids are buying his CDs and dressing like street hoodlums....then they go to college and become lawyers. What GANGSTAS!!! Go to the "ghetto" you won't see one person listening to this crap. Bottom Line: Eminem blows!
3 of 28 people found this review helpful.

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