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Ratings and reviews for Samsung SmartThings Smart Home Hub

Ratings and reviews for Samsung SmartThings Smart Home Hub
based on 32 rating(s)
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Price: $99.99 $87.99 (12% off)
Binding: Tools & Home Improvement
Studio: Samjin
Manufacturer: Samjin
Product Group: Home Improvement
Sales Rank: 199
Description: SmartThings lets you easily control, monitor, and secure your home from anywhere in the world. The heart of your smart home, the Samsung SmartThings Hub will connect all of your different smart locks, lights, outlets, thermostats, and more and let you control them from the free SmartThings app. Receive notifications about what's happening in and around your home and use your smartphone to remotely control your home's security, energy usage, lighting, and more. Since SmartThings is compatible with a wide variety of smart devices from different companies, once you have the SmartThings Hub and the free app for iOS, Android, or Windows, you can add as many additional SmartThings sensors or other popular Z-Wave, ZigBee, or Internet-connected products as you want to enhance your connected home. The Samsung SmartThings Hub works in the US and Canada.

If the Honeywell Programmable Thermostat was not detected, you may need to reset the device through a Z-Wave exclusion before it can successfully connect with the SmartThings Hub. To do so in the SmartThings mobile app: 1. Tap the menu 2. Tap the Hub 3. Tap Z-Wave Utilities 4. Tap General Device Exclusion 5. When prompted: 1. Press the System button on the left side of the thermostat's display 2. Press and hold the blank center button until the display changes 3. The first set of numbers/arrows is the "Function" section - Scroll until you find "RF10" 4. The second set of numbers/arrows is the "Setting" section - Select 0 5. Press Done in the lower left corner to save and exit After the app indicates that the device was successfully removed from SmartThings, follow the first set of instructions above to connect the Honeywell Programmable Thermostat.

Note: Please reference User Guide and Specification Sheet below under 'Technical Specifications' for instructions on how to add devices and troubleshoot connectivity issues
UPC: 856418004495

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bestbuy logo not the IoT hub I was hoping for
Most of the reviews of SmartThings were positive, so I picked up this hub with the hopes of managing my new door locks and light bulbs. The initial setup was a nightmare - the Android app would constantly crash, to the point it was unusable. At one point I was even locked out of it due to an authentication error and had to complete reset everything to factory defaults and start over. I never did get it working. The app just crashed any time I attempted to do use it. So, back to the store it went. The story does have a happy ending: I picked up a Wink hub which has been performing wonderfully and actually works with more of my devices.
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bestbuy logo Broad support for many devices, but not deep
I purchased because of the broad support for many devices and formats, but I had to return it because it didn't fully support all the options for my Schlage Connect locks (specifcally custom user codes). Make sure you check the vendor's website for device compatibility before you buy.
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bestbuy logo Life Saver
Been able to connect various things like my garage, doors lights thermostat to my phone through this hub had not only saved me money, but been a life saver.
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bestbuy logo An evolution of the Smartthings Hub
The v2 hub builds on the open platform that the Smartthings v1 hub established. SmartApps can now run locally on the hub, so in theory many should continue to work even without an internet connection. It also added an integrated battery backup that the v1 hub lacked. I still like the open platform that Smartthings has established which integrates with a wide range of devices with open standards (Z-wave and ZigBee) as well as proprietary platforms like Amazon Echo and Phillips Hue. My main dislike about the v2 hub is that the power connector is no longer the micro-USB connector that the original hub used. It is nice to have a readily available standard cable that you can get in different lengths so you can put your hub in the best location.
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bestbuy logo I love this system!
I backed this product when it was on Kickstarter, and I love to see how it has grown and continues to grow! This is an amazing product that everyone should have!
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bestbuy logo another flawed samsung product..
Check out these 2 links with videos showing how easily hackable this is.. Samsung may be first to the game but poorly executed like every other product they put out.. http://arstechnica.com/security/2016/05/samsung-smart-home-flaws-lets-hackers-make-keys-to-front-door/ https://www.wired.com/2016/05/flaws-samsungs-smart-home-let-hackers-unlock-doors-set-off-fire-alarms/
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bestbuy logo Great Product. Lot of potential.
Good product with lot of room to expand. Must have for every smart home
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bestbuy logo It's a great system but
Let me start by saying my first experience with home automation was iris which was terrible I was really looking for something HomeKit enabled I researched staples connect Samsung smart things wemo lutron cadets and wink. I also have a nest cam ring video doorbell and echo all of which works with smart things (iris is not compatible with Eco or nest but even if it was I'd still have switched however to transfer over all of my current devices I would have lost about $300 worth of modules which simply would not have worked with smart things. In the end I chose a wink and I could not be happier all of these smart automations are for us early adapters so when reading reviews I suggest always lining them up newest to oldest as wink had some very Bad reviews in the beginning however a recent software update has greatly improved its functionality Lowes Iris had better reviews before they updated their system and it is a now a fiasco with generation 2. Smart things just like wink recently updated their firmware on this device and the reviews seem to have improved immensely. Again I went with Wink for device compatibility smart things is a great system thus the four star review if you are starting from scratch you probably would want to go with smart things. Wink has the greatest device compatibility as far as connecting across the board however smart things seems to be more stable. So far the only one that is HomeKit compatible is a system that only uses that song devices I believe Lou Tron however zero nada name of my devices I currently own almost $3000 worth yes I even have a Z wave doggie door. Would have worked I would have really had to start over and quite frankly home kit is not as great as it is cracked up to be HomeKit works with nest however it has been my experience that I do more begging with Siri and commanding because I always get the response "I'm not able to do that right now". This has been my review of the smart things generation to Smart hub once again I ended up with wink and could not be happier however if you are starting from scratch you cannot go wrong with smart things. It is really luck of the draw and nothing is 100% perfect. Remember any home phone three VoIP or home automation system is only as good as your router your Wi-Fi signal and since everything is now cloud-based your Internet connection and speed. Word of caution stay away from any device called IVEE. Ivee sleek ivee voice THEY ARE TERRIBLE! I know Everyone has problems none are perfect but one day they'll get it right!
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bestbuy logo Glad I bought it - technology still a bit immature
I have worked with a number of home automation devices and I find this hub to be as promised relative to supporting a wide range of devices. So I have no regrets in that regard. I have had issues with this hub from the standpoint of working consistently when accessing from my smartphone across my WiFi LAN as compared to accessing from my cellular data network (i.e. WiFi turned off). I have generally received various networking errors when configuring new devices utilizing WiFi from my phone/app and the app seems to work more consistently when I turn WiFi off on my phone and access via cellular data. Not sure why this is but I notice Samsung just issued a new firmware update as of two days ago (4/21/2016) so perhaps this will help. Overall, I find the home automation technology to still be a bit immature in that some devices work better than others and I've run into a fair number of hardware reliability issues at the device level - not related to this hub. But sometimes I find the issues could easily be falsely attributed to the hub by the device manufacturers so be wary when a device maker suggests the issue is with your hub - I have generally found that to not be true - most of my issues have been on the device side of the equation. I don't expect telephone support from any large organizations (like Samsung) but I have emailed Samsung support (support@smartthings.com) and found their support to be responsive and helpful. I have had issues with the Smartthings software/app not being fully mature - for example, the dashboard alerts couldn't be removed/cleaned up so Samsung support had to do that for me from their backend - but they did that readily with an email request. The whole home automation market is still a bit immature as the technology is just past that "early adopter" stage with regard to reliability and consistency. But it does work largely as advertised and I have enjoyed working and experimenting with various devices. In my case, I have both Zigbee and Z-wave devices deployed and have pretty good luck with both using this hub.
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