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Ratings and reviews for Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th Edition

Ratings and reviews for Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th Edition
based on 422 rating(s)
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Price: $29.95 $17.73 (41% off)
Trade In Value: $9.27
Author(s): American Psychological Association
Binding: Paperback
Format: Abridged
Number of Pages: 272
Studio: American Psychological Association (APA)
Manufacturer: American Psychological Association (APA)
Dewey Decimal Number: 808.06615
Product Group: Book
Edition: 6th
Sales Rank: 80

The "Publication Manual" is the style manual of choice for writers, editors, students, and educators. Although it is specifically designed to help writers in the behavioral sciences and social sciences, anyone who writes non-fiction prose can benefit from its guidance. The newly-revised Sixth Edition has not only been rewritten. It has also been thoroughly rethought and reorganized, making it the most user-friendly "Publication Manual" the APA has ever produced. You will be able to find answers to your questions faster than ever before. When you need advice on how to present information, including text, data, and graphics, for publication in any type of format--such as college and university papers, professional journals, presentations for colleagues, and online publication--you will find the advice you're looking for in the "Publication Manual."

ISBN: 1433950618
UPC: 642688055028

Reviews 1 to 10 of 422
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amazon logo BEWARE! Many pages of corrections have been issued!
I just received my copy. As a psychology professor, this text is required for my bookshelf--the same is true for students in this field. However, I was upset to learn that APA has already issued 7 typewritten pages of corrections to this manual, and they will not exchange the first printing for a newer print. This is a resource that you will use for years! Wait to purchase until the kinks have been ironed out and they are on a second or third printing of the manual! I am also disappointed that they do not clearly delineate the changes from the 5th edition. It looks to me that there are few important changes (2 spaces between sentences, etc.). Save your money for at least a few more months!

472 of 489 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo Greatly Disappointed
I was very irritated to find that many errors existed in the 6th edition. I also contacted APA regarding the errors. They are not going to exchange the book for a corrected edition. They made several lame excuses for the errors and for not replacing it. My second email to APA pointedly expressed my displeasure with their stance - copied below...

To have grammar and writing errors in a book about grammar and writing is shameful. How much does your organization really care about the reputation it is presenting? Do you have editors reviewing your works before publication? Are your editors paying attention to their work? If you cannot hold yourself to the standards you have set out in your own publication, then your publications should not exist!

If you need this book, demand a corrected reprinting! If you are a university, you also demand a corrected reprint. This organization should not set standards they are not going to comply with. I give them an "F"

Update: 3 months after submitting my complaint to APA I received a letter stating that a reprint was in the works and that anyone who bought the edition with all the mistakes would have a short time span to return it, without charge and postage covered, for the corrected addition. My faith was somewhat restored in the power of honest critical reviews.
275 of 289 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo Do Not Buy First Printing
Do not buy the first printing of the APA manual, 6th edition under any circumstances. There are errors on eighty (80) of its pages. How outrageous for a manual on writing style! As of 10/20/09, APA refused to exchange their error full copies with corrected second printings. Despite the fact that the list of errors goes on for 7 pages, the Editorial Director of APA books stated "there are no errors that impede using the manual with full confidence." Many of the errors are in the sample papers -- a part of the manual so many of us use as an important reference. The abuse of power that APA is wielding over students required to purchase this book for classes, along with graduate students and professors who must write in this style for journals is alarming. APA goes on to state that with its 80 pages of errors in this edition that "it is within my control, as a true expert who has been intimately involved with each stage of this project, to verify for you without hesitation that the first printing is correct, accurate, and fully functional." As a Professor, when I grade papers, I say to my students that 3 APA errors will get them docked 1/2 a letter grade. If I were to grade this APA manual, it would not only get an F, there aren't enough letters in the alphabet to go low enough for the number of errors it contains. Meanwhile, APA is happy to take everyone's money for the book they know we all have to purchase in so many fields of study.

A formal boycott of this edition successfully led to a second printing in which the errors were corrected. As long as you order a new copy, not a used one, you should be safe. If you buy a used copy, make sure that you do not get a first edition -- it is a complete waste of money.
242 of 258 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo All is well
Given all the emotional responses around the mistakes in the new edition, I was worried about ordering my copy. However, it just arrived, and as promised, it's the corrected version (the second printing) of the 6th edition. The changes to the style included in the manual are an improvement, particularly in the way electronic resources are cited. Additionally, the organization of this edition is better. Overall, I'm pleased.
124 of 135 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo Much better than previous editions...
Easier to read with a lot less pages. The 6th edition is a mere 272 pages vs. a whopping 439 pages in the 5th edition. This improves its portability and lap-use. ( I never could understand why a book that insists on 1 inch margins all around used 1.5 inch margin on the outer margins and left so much wasted unused space on the pages).

Material has been streamlined to reflect more of the electronic resources currently being used and the more obscure material has been consolidated. The newly added chapters on ethics, the publication process and journal article reporting standards are quite helpful. Some reviewers complained about the elimination of the chapters on writing for publication. Since each journal has it's own specific criteria for manuscript submission, I don't consider this a huge loss. Still has lots of sample for various references (and even includes video blog sources like you-tube) and information on how to display data results (Including radiologic and imaging data like MRI images)

So glad I bought the newest version, especially since it's currently half the price of the old version and a lot more user friendly and up to date. If you required to use the APA style, I strongly suggest buying this book.
76 of 89 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo The reviews are outdated
Be sure to look at the dates on the reviews--the three that are shown with the 6th edition of APA (published in July 2009) are actually reviews of the 5th edition--a book which explains a format which is no longer acceptable.
Also, the Amazon "look inside" link takes you to an excerpt from the 5th edition, not the new one.
26 of 35 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo SHAME ON THE APA - it's full of errors
Those of us writing and publishing in the social sciences depend on this publication manual to be factual and accurate. So it's a darned shame that the APA did not behave responsibly with this edition. Recently they released 4 pages of "editorial errors" and 5 pages of content errors. And to add insult to injury, they refuse to replace these early editions with corrected ones.

My advice - WAIT UNTIL A LATER PRINTING and HOPE THAT APA has corrected it's many errors. My students want to know how many points the APA will get taken off for "poor performance" - I say they failed! I am rarely motivated to review a book and then so scathingly. Shame on you APA.
30 of 33 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo Worst edition
"Inside Higher Education" details many of the problems: Complaints and the nonresponse from APA are given by "Inside Education" at:

In the introduction to the latest version of the APA style manual, one learns that it is not designed for readers, but for those who "consume content."

This iteration of a once helpful and authoritative publication does not qualify as an "edition." It's not helpful to copy editors or people who write. You know. People who *read.* One is referred to a Web site designed for illerates, that runs automatic annoying audio files, for the nonreaders they expect to employ style for written communication. It's a looking-glass world. The Web site does not even have a "search" mechanism.

The print work, which would greatly benefit from guidelines on how to prepared indexes for both journals and books following APA, is abbreviated to the point of being barely helpful. The excellent indexes of previous editions is now barely more than an alphabetized table of contents.

Copyeditors will be aghast. It has always been helpful to cite an APA page number. The material is either gone or "maybe" on the Web site for an indefinite time. Having a thorough, definitive style is crucial to consistency. Oh, well. Just another outdated concept.

No wonder print publishing is close to dead: Publishers don't even believe in reading.

AMA style has much better word usage guidelines. Chicago is equivocal, but intelligent.

Other than for the actual publications of the American Psychological Association, this format should be dropped. Let them deal with the illiterate results from the "content consumers" who don't have a clue about writing and/or English.
12 of 31 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo This overpriced and unnecessary 'book' caters to the far left ideology and supports perversion!
Good morning to thee, potential buyer of this Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, good morning!

I am writing this review to hopefully prevent you from making the same mistake I once did, to wit I mean, buying this book! There are many reasons why buying this book would make you more of a gullible fool than say, someone who voted for Barack Obama, the most important of which would be the huge price that you have to pay for a book that you will never use in class anyway. In fact, most of the information contained in this book that is relevant to actually writing a term paper can be found elsewhere on the Internet for absolutely free! If you absolutely need this book for some reason, you can simply check it out from your local library or even the library on your campus!

That being said, the main reason why you would want to avoid this book, avoid it like the Noid, would be the amount of far left liberal propaganda that they have snuck in! The aim of this book is clearly to have the student learn to write in the most Politically Correct method possible! One of the most egregious examples of which is how the book strives to normalize g a y behavior by instructing the reader on what these ...people... desire to be called! I find this to be extremely hypocritical when the American Psychological Association has this type of behavior listed as a mental illness as recently as the 1970s!

In closing, do not buy this book under any circumstances. That is, unless you want to demonstrate to the world your very own herd mentality!

4 of 25 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo APA advisory
The following information was sent to my university from APA:

We regret that there are errors in the 6th edition of the Publication Manual and the inconvenience this has caused you. We are working on ways to make it right.

We have produced a detailed corrections summary which is more exhaustive and easier to use than the original summary on the web. This document notes all the known errors in the Manual and puts them in some context. A PDF version of the supplement is available now. You can access the corrections summary from a link on the APA homepage (www.APA.org <http://www.apa.org/> ). We are also going to print the supplement. If you want a printed version they should be available by November 2 through the APA Service Center - 800 374-2721.

If the corrections supplement doesn't meet your needs we will send you a replacement copy of the second printing (the second printing corrects all the known errors) of the Manual at no cost to you. We are making this replacement process available to anyone who purchased the manual. In order to receive a replacement manual you will have to return your current copy of the 6th edition to APA no later than December 15. We would like to make this transaction as cost neutral to you as possible so we are currently researching being able to provide you with pre-paid postage you can use to return the book to us. This process will be available by November 2. If you are interested in a replacement copy please contact the APA Service Center after November 2 for further information - Service Center staff can be reached at: 800 374-2721.

FYI I called the number, they were very receptive and are sending a UPS barcode by email for a book exchange.
21 of 21 people found this review helpful.

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