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Ratings and reviews for Playstation Move Navigation Controller

Ratings and reviews for Playstation Move Navigation Controller
based on 136 rating(s)
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Price: $29.99 $69.95 (18% off)
Trade In Value: $0.98
System: PlayStation 3
Release Date: 9/17/2010
Binding: Video Game
Studio: Sony Computer Entertainment
Manufacturer: Sony Computer Entertainment
Product Group: Video Games
Edition: Standard
ESRB Rating: Rating Pending
Genre: Action Games
Hardware Platform: PlayStation 3
Sales Rank: 3253
Description: The PlayStation Move navigation controller pairs perfectly with the PlayStation Move motion controller, providing advanced in-game character navigation in compatible titles. Actions and commands common in advanced gaming as well as menu navigation are integrated into one untethered, wireless package. It’s one of the most advanced controllers ever created, and it’s possible only on the PlayStation 3 system.
UPC: 711719990253

Reviews 1 to 10 of 136
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amazon logo Useful, but not necessary (for now)
One of the questions most people will have is: is the Move Navigation Control required to play the Move? The quick answer is--not right now. I'll put it another way: I ordered one with my Playstation Move Starter Bundle. After playing 5 different Move games and demos, it's still unopened in the package. My guess is it'll stay that way for a while.

The Move Navigation controller is really just a Dualshock controller that's designed to fit in one hand more comfortable. As with the Dualshock, it has a joystick, four directional buttons, and the most commonly used "X" and "O" Playstation buttons all within easy reach of your thumb.

Sony designed the Move controller (wisely IMO) not to have a joystick nor directional buttons. That makes it simpler and more elegant, but it also makes certain things (such as scrolling through a menu list of options) awkward to do with the Move controller alone (although not impossible--you can navigate through menus using the Move controller alone by pressing and holding the Trigger button and moving the controller up, down, left, and right).

But so far I've found so far that just holding the Dualshock in my left hand and controlling the buttons and joystick with my left thumb is sufficient, if a little clunky, for most of what I need to do (unless you have freakishly long thumbs the "X" button will be hard to reach--but happily, pressing the "Move" button on the Move controller will do what you need in most cases).

I'd assumed that like the Wii Nunchuk the Navigation Controller would have motion control built-in so you can control the on-screen action with both hands. It doesn't. For games that require motion control using two hands, you'll need to buy a second Move Controller. Most games that support two-handed operation will also provide the option to play one-handed, but I strongly recommend getting the second Move Controller, as it makes the experience truly immersive. Gladiator Duel on Sports Champions is a great example.

As new games are created for the Move I'm sure the Navigation Controller will become more useful, especially with FPS-type games where you need to move and shoot at the same time. But if you're looking to save a little money, I'd recommend holding off on the Navigation controller for now and spending the money on a second Move controller instead until you find a game that really needs it.
325 of 332 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo Too expensive for what you get
This was originally titled the "sub-controller" and that was much more fitting. Sony is somehow getting away with charging $30 for half a dual-shock. Only, it's not really half a dual-shock as it features NO RUMBLE. So, you're getting half a six-axis, right? NO. There is NO motion control feature included for your $30. This, to me, is the most disgusting thing about the Move setup, especially considering you REALLY DO need the navigational controller for games like RE5 and Heavy Rain (you can play with half a dual-shock, but it gets to be very uncomfortable very fast).

I can almost guarantee Sony will add rumble to the navigational controller within the next 6 months (probably prior to the release of Killzone 3). So, if you're not a hardcore gamer, I'd wait. If you ARE and you REALLY want to use motion control on RE5 and Heavy Rain, I would recommend this, albeit reluctantly at this price.

Is there anything wrong with the controller? Not really. It's well designed and mostly comfortable. The bumper button is too close to the thumbstick, which can lead to numb fingers and a sore wrist, but if you don't have large hands, this may not be a problem. Sony just needed to add either motion or rumble or both to justify this price. Nintendo charges $19.99 for their sub-controller (IE - "nunchuck") and it has motion control.

The navigational controller would be priced right at $19.99 with rumble. Or at $9.99 as it currently is. Better yet, Sony could have included it in the starter pack and made everyone happy.

74 of 78 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo Robin to Motion Controller's Batman
Holy PS3 accessories :)

The Navigation Controller is Motion Controller's (aka 'the Move') natural complement. It is not a 'must buy' at this time but it helps to have one for certain games where it's meant to be operated with 'the other' hand. If you don't have one, you can get away with a DualShock or a Sixaxis.

To make an informed decision on whether a purchase is warranted at this time (or ever) it's important to be aware of the following:

- At the time I am writing this, not too many 'Move' games need the Nav. Probably because, one week after Move's official launch there aren't too many Move games out there but that will change - I just ordered Heavy Rain which does use the Nav and I've had Little Big Planet 2 on order for quite a while.
- There is nothing that that Nav can do that your DualShock or Sixaxis can't. In fact, the Nav Controller is nothing but the left side of the DualShock 3 plus the X and O buttons (PS button too) and minus rumble and motion sensitivity. You can, therefore, use your DualShock instead of the Nav on games that may require it.

These being said, the Nav is a well-designed, quality built accessory that does what it's supposed to do very well. It may not look like much but holding and using it feels 'natural' and all the familiar controls are easy to reach even though it may take a little practice to get used to the unexpected but necessary O and X. And, of course, the Nav does NOT come with a wrist strap because it does not need one. The Nav Controller will not be used to hack and slash or punch or parry. As its name implies, its main use is for 'navigation', meaning mostly the analog joystick, but the L2/L3 triggers and the D-pad are also there when needed - in Aragorn's Quest you use the L2 to raise the shield.

Rating the Nav controller for what it is and what it does, I find no faults with it whatsoever. I appreciate its exceptional design, quality and its apparent durability. Some of the early Move games that take good advantage of the Nav Controller include Heavy Rain, MAG, Aragorn's Quest at the time of this review, Little Big Planet 2 coming up in a couple of months, many in between, I hope. To the extent that the Move proves itself a success with game developers, the Navigation Controller will find its uses and its users. I believe it to be so because holding the DualShock in one hand while swinging the Motion Controller with the other is not a good way to play a game.
40 of 43 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo Useless
I am shocked to see several positive reviews for this controller considering the fact that it is useless.

This is NOT entirely comparable to the Wii's nunchuk. The move navigation controller contains no accelerometers and is NOT motion sensitive. This requires you to use two Move 'wand' controllers to perform similar motion gaming to what the Wii's Remote/nunchuk combo can do.

You can use the dual shock 3 controller as a substitute. It may be bulkier but in actuality it really isn't a big deal and performs identically in those extremely rare games that require analog to begin with.

You can only connect TWO of them. Most 4-player Wii games are nunchuk-less BUT you can still connect 4 of them. Not the case here, only four Move devices can be used at one time. Meaning if you have two navigation controllers in use, you can only use two Move 'wand' controllers unless you turn off one or both navigation controllers (another reason to use the dual shock 3)

Save your money, spend it on a game. Heck spend it on a dual shock 3 or another Move controller. You don't need this
12 of 21 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo Useless
I made the mistake of assuming the navigation controller worked like the Wii's nunchuck, but it doesn't. If you want to use two controllers in a Move game, you need two Move controllers. The "Navigation controller" doesn't do anything you can't do with the regular playstation controller, and there is no use for either while playing any current Move game.

There is no reason anyone would rather have this than their $30. A rock would do just as good of a job at enhancing your gaming experience.
9 of 21 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo exremely comfortable!
while not vital to having fun with Move, it is a heck of alot more comfortable than the DualShock3 controller in my left hand. Plus side is the button locations and having x and o on the left hand now is a plus for even the most complicated games! Once again i must commend Sony for creating such a COMFORTABLE navigation controller. Thank you Sony :)
16 of 19 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo Very dissapointing gadget
I was very happy when i received this item cause i thought that could be use in all the other video games, besides the playstation move games, but i realize that this is imposible.

i hope more PS move game comes in hand to see the real potencial of this accesory, cause to me is very unhelpful.
1 of 17 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo not as accurate as wii
you can knock the wii all you want but the controls are quite awesome. the PS move just isn't up to par, yet.
0 of 14 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo useless, waste, whatever else it's been described as
I did not confuse this as a motion controller as other reviews did, obviously it's not, it states that it's an addition to. However it doesn't tell you that it will only work on certain move games, would be nice if it told you which ones. I bought it specifically for NBA 2K11, obviously you would want this stream lined Navi controller while simulating shooting a basketball with the motion controller right? Wrong, can't use it, have to hold onto the dual shock with one hand.................
1 of 12 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo Feels Great
Ill keep this short and sweet. It feels waaay more comfortable than the wii nunchuck. but on the downside, it does not come with a wrist strap for the controller.
6 of 9 people found this review helpful.

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