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Ratings and reviews for Encore (Deluxe Edition)

Ratings and reviews for Encore (Deluxe Edition)
based on 738 rating(s)
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Price: $19.99 $10.99 (40% off)
Trade In Value: $0.30
Artist(s): Eminem
Release Date: 11/12/2004
Binding: Audio CD
Format: Explicit Lyrics
Number of Discs: 2
Studio: Shady
Manufacturer: Shady
Product Group: Music
Edition: Parental Advisory ed.
Genre: Rap
Sales Rank: 3807
UPC: 602498646717

Reviews 1 to 10 of 738
Pageof 74
amazon logo This album is terrible
I think it is inarguable that Eminem is one of the most talented MC's currently putting out material. That is what makes Encore so disappointing. Lazy raps over monotonous, repetitive production ruin what could have been the album of 2004. Some lowlights:
- Just Lose It: unless you live in a cave you have heard this single; a lazy mishmash of his other work where he stops and just babbles for a while. "Stop, pajama time?"
- A$$ Like That: an entire song as Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. Reread that sentence. Goes over about as well as you would expect, which is terribly.
- Puke: another ode to Kim. What has been funny, disturbing, or at least interesting in the past has been transformed to an amalgamation of body noises.
- My First Single: more body noises. It seems that Em is determined to prove he could s___ on record and people will still buy it.
The rest of the album is largely forgettable, but saves itself from one star status by having a couple of decent songs. Never Enough with a wicked hook by Nate Dogg (and where 50 cent actually outshines Em) bumps, and Toy Soldiers is an interesting take on the recent Aftermath beefs with near everybody. I think a line for that song sums up the album perfectly. Em says that while the battle (with Ja) was won, he felt he lost it because he but so much effort into it. He is right: that effort translated into excellent tracks. This cd could have used some of that effort. It would be easy to say what Eminem needs to do to make a better album (stop producing, TRY), but in reality the answer is nothing: this is going to go multi-platinum and the fans will refuse to hold him accountable for this hot mess. One can only hope his artistic pride will have him work harder on his next endeavor.
61 of 82 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo Good, Funny, But Just Not The Same
The new Eminem album was a bit of a dissappointment.mostly in production. It does have its high points, but it also seems to drag on.

Example: There is nothing on this album the remotely comes close to "Stan" or songs like "I'm Shady" or "Without me". The production and sound is not nearly as raw, much more bass driven, and is almost Phil-Spector-ish. Better songs such as "Encore" (new single) and "Mosh" are highlights, but very dark in nature.

Of course "Just Lose It" is the highlight, and I love this video. Its more typical of his former songs. "Toy Soldiers, (Sampling Martikas song), is a stirring cut also and worth hearing.

I also buy his CD's because, frankly, they make me laugh, since he has the uncanny sense of making a parody out of situations we are all too familiar with. "Big Weenie" and " _ _ _ Like That" brought snickers everytime I played them. "Puke" is another.

Overall, the enhanced deluxe version also has the extra cuts on them, which are just as good as the others.

I guess I am spoiled. Based on what I just wrote, over half of the songs are excellent! And I still gave it a three. The difference is the overall production, in which I wish it was a bit more crisp and raw as stated earlier, and that is all.

This CD is worth buying, and is well worth the money as is all his work since he gives us so many tracks per CD without a bad take in the bunch.

Three stars, Borderline Four.
42 of 67 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo Eminem Fumbles with Encore
Eminem has a lot to live up to. Right now everyone would have to agree that he is the best rapper out. The Slim Shady LP was groundbreaking, the Marshall Mathers LP was controversial, and the Eminem Show was neither but it fell in an Eminem safe zone. The reason why I gave his fourth album, Encore, a 3 rating is simple.

Encore has a lot of problems. First, Eminem's tone in many of the songs is very low which is not his style. On his previous three albums his menacing lyrics were piercing and loud. Another problem with Encore is the fact that Eminem gets too personal. On "Like Toy Soldiers," he talks about Ja Rule, Benzino, and the beefs he had with them. He goes on and on about how he is not gonna beef with anyone which is quite annoying after a while for a guy who is supposed to be the best rapper in the industry. It seems like Eminem whines instead of rap on that song. Dr. Dre, who was sorely missed on most of the production on the Eminem Show, gave Eminem a lot of great beats to work with, but Eminem fails to deliver with the ferocious lyrics like he has in the past. An example of this is "Mosh" where Dre's beat is incredible & you think Eminem would bust out with one of the best rhymes ever heard on wax since Nas at "Live at the Barbecue," but he doesn't deliver. This is a current trend throughout the album which left me scratching my head after I listened to it.

Album Overview:
1. Curtains Up
2. Evil Deeds - Disappointing open to the album. Not as grimey as previous openings like "Kill You" and "White America."
3. Never Enough - Eminem recovers nicely on this song and it is one of my favorites. 50 Cent and Nate Dogg help out our favorite white rapper with nice cameos.
4. Yellow Brick Road - One of those low tone Em songs. Gives more depth about Marshall's past which gives you an interesting listen.
5. Like Toy Soldiers - I expressed my opinion about this song in the above paragraph. America loves to promote songs about Eminem's personal demons (see "Cleanin Out My Closet" and "The Way I Am") but they are going to be pressed with that kind of material that can be a good single on this album.
6. Mosh - I was really disappointed with this track. Dre's beat is menacing, but Eminem fumbles with his lyrics.
7. Puke - Sigh..........this is one of the skippable tracks on the album. The song is about Kim and the beat is irritating.
8. My 1st Single - This song is alright......but it seems to have no direction just like a certain other song on this album (you'll see in a bit).
9. Paul (Skit)
10. Rain Man - Talks about Christopher Reeves and Eminem has a line at the end that says "I don't gotta make no god damn sense / I just did a whole song and I didn't say [...]." My point exactly about this album.
11. Big Weenie - This song is just plain silly. This is supposed to be a song that takes shots at all of his critics but it's ridiculous and skippable.
12. Em Calls Paul (Skit)
13. Just Lose It - Not much to say. You've heard it already. You've seen the video. Case closed.
14. A** Like That - Talks about the Olsen Twins, Hillary Duff, Lindsay Lohan, and other women he would like to be with. Just plain ridiculous. Can you say.....filler?
15. Spend Some Time - Obie Trice and 50 Cent helps out Em on this track about trifling women. One of the better songs on the album.
16. Mockingbird - He is talking to his daughter and his niece about why everything is the way it is and everything is going to be alright someday. Good idea........bad execution.
17. Crazy In Love - You have to have an acquired taste for this one. It's definitely skippable for me.
18. One Shot 2 Shot - D12 makes a nice cameo here. One of my favorites.
19. Final Thought (Skit)
20. Encore/Curtains Down - Great way to send off the album with Dr. Dre, Eminem, and 50 Cent collaborating to create an anthem that will tear the club up. I wish he could've had more songs like this on the album.

Overall I would have to say that Eminem, even when half-trying, can still release a satisfying album. Encore is just part two of the Eminem Show's depression trip. Eminem's first two albums were hardcore and gritty and his last two have been laid back and depressing. That technique worked with the Eminem Show but not Encore. Em, just go back to the hardcore stuff we know and love.
28 of 49 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo it grew on me..
yeh i was kinda bugged at this album too..but it grew on me and i think its dope now..just look he's goin in a new direction..man hip hops all the same now we need stuff like this..im a huge ass fan i think its worth its buy..imagine if he came out like before all of u wud be like "oh its the same crap again"..plus theres a lotta meaning behind the songs..a lotta sarcasm..
18 of 37 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo Did he set the bar to high???
The biggest downside to any entertainers success is the standards that they then set for themselves. Eminem's two previous albums (Marshall Mathers LP and Eminem Show) are hip-hop royalty. This album falls short.

There are flashes on this CD however (Never Enough, Yellow Brick Road, My 1st Single, Mockingbird), but overall the songs fail to meet the standard set by songs on his previous albums. Most of the beats are great. Dr. Dre has seperated himself from other producers in the biz and continues to do so with this effort. However, the subject matter of the rhymes are scattered. Dare I say some of the lyrics sound "pop-ish". Maybe that is a bit harsh but this album sounds more like the D-12 album released earlier this year. More comedic rhymes than rhymes with substance.

Eminem has some camios on this album. Most notably that of 50-cent. To me, this album is an invitation for 50 to take over Eminems throne as rap's king. I don't know when 50's next cd drops, but if it's as good or better than his last, Eminem better look out.

In closing, I feel we have been spoiled. Eminems venom and ferosity in his past albums is what made me a fan. I don't think he was angry enough for this one. My advice would be for someone to piss him off. We all know what happens when you do that. Maybe that is why no has done that in the past couple years. Maybe that is why his material on this album ran a bit thin.
26 of 36 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo Best work yet
This is undoubetdly Eminem's best CD yet. It shows a whole new side of him, just as the public was getting a little tired of the tough guy, no emotions other than anger kind of Eminem. In mocking bird, (my personal fave) Eminem tells of his hardships to his daughter. When he sings ," I remember back one year, when daddy had no money, mommy wraped some christmas presants, and stuck them under the tree, and said some of them were from me, and i remember i stayed up the whole night crying, cuz daddy felf like a bum, you see, daddy had a job, but the job was to keep the food on the tabel for you and mom, and every house we lived in kept getting broken into and robbed, or shot up on da block, and your mommy was saving money for you in a jar, just so you could go to colledge, almost had a thousadnd dollars, untill someone broke in and stole that too, and i know it hurt so bad, it broke your mama's heart" It just broke MY heart!!!!! You never really got to see the personal side of eminem before this CD. But still, the beats are made by "Dr.Dre, super dooper dope beat maker" and they REALLY ARE super dooper dope, yup, definetly K-Mart. True, the songs are a little more on the softer side compared to his last elbums, but Die-hard eminem fans as well as Newbies will truly enjoy such great hardcore tracks such as Mosh-attack on bush, 1shot, 2shot-public violence, and many more. But there are some fun ones on there too, like JUST LOOSE IT, and a VERRY HALARIOUS "Ass Like That"
9 of 35 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo ALLRIGHT - ENOUGH.
Pus***s. That's the only word for it. If you are a fan and giving this album more than 3 stars, your review should be null and void. Who are you trying to fool - how does this compare to the last three cd that Slim Shady wrote? That's the problem - it doesn't and it shouldn't. The last 3 titles were excellent - they contained what most rapper's 50 point i.q.'s could have bearly picked up upon - political, social, and controversial issues mixed in with complex and difficult vocals, yet fun lyrics and good beats. Slim Shady will always be remembered as the guy who stood against the masses and said f*** the world despite the critics and he will be remembered as the only rapper, besides Tupac, that actually had some deep and intellectual meanings (if not at times overly sarcastic to the point of being questioned) behind the words he spoke. As a fan of Eminem, I feel it is my responsibility and duty to incorporate the ironies I've learned within the last Eminem cds and deliver you a shockingly controversial, yet politically correct message: This cd SUCKS BALLS. It lacks everything that Eminem stood for, and if your not comparing this cd to Eminem's last cds, then let it be known that you would have never heard this cd in the first place......no one would take this serious. Even the singles can't even compete with such horrid junk-a-crunk songs such as "freek-a-leek" and endless lil' john remixes. If Slim Shady has moved on and "grown-up" then perhaps all we are waiting for is his fans - who still think that any cd he brings out is above average.
26 of 34 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo The most overrated rapper of all time
I'll be the first to admit it, Eminem has skills. But his skills don't compensate for his shortcomings. The MTV crowd overrates his originality at nausea. I find it suspect that anyone finds this music compelling, especially when considering just how much he caters to the MTV crowd. People seem to think dissing other artists in the top 40 is a new found form of art. Eminem hit his vertex with "The Marshall Mathers LP". Sure, he stepped up the shock factor (that's all he ever had) even more from his debut, but does that make it more original? People talk about what a great battle rapper he was. I think it's pretty farfetched to think that he could beat the likes of Eyedea or Murs. All Eminem ever had going for him was the shock factor. He's had few original ideas and concepts throughout his career.

I just laugh when I hear people say that Eminem is the greatest rapper alive...are you nuts? There are hundreds of better songwriters and rappers out there. Most of these people compare Eminem to other MTV rappers, such as Nelly and 50 Cent. Well, in that extremely narrow spectrum, yes, he is better than a lot of those rappers. But you are really comparing crap with crap. There is a whole other world of underground rap that is flooded with far superior emcees (and a lot more than the top 40 crowd is exposed to). But it's sad that I would even have to reference that when you have quality records from the late 80s by artists like Public Enemy, Boogie Down Productions, EPMD, and Eric B. & Rakim. If you are clicking "no" below this review, you obviously haven't experienced the golden age of rap, or underground rap; thus proving that you have horrible taste in rap music. Seriously, what's entertaining about dissing Christina Aguilera (another waste of space). Dissing has been an art form in hip-hop since 1987, and it always will be. But if you continue to base your whole career, and a string of 4 albums in a row, on dissing artists (especially commercially successful ones), then that's a sure fire way to send your career down the toilet. It's obvious that Eminem was never in it for the long haul. But what does he care; he's making millions!

So, is he losing skill with each album he releases? No, not really. There just wasn't all that much there to begin with. Even his collaborative efforts are absolutely horrible ("My Band"). Even the music he produces is poorly made. So go ahead and click "no" below and keep praising this fool who is making a mockery of this commercially decaying genre. If you truly like new hip-hop music, then check out some of these artists: One Be Lo, El-P, Mr. Lif, Eyedea & Abilities, Brother Ali, Atmosphere, Murs, Aesop Rock, Immortal Technique, Cannibal Ox, Blueprint, Buck 65, Sage Francis, Unknown Prophets, Illogic, Grayskull, MF Doom, Sole, etc. If you even discovered a hand-full of these artists, you would realize that supporting this poor excuse for a rapper/producer is totally unnecessary. When you support artists like this, you end up with more crap on our airwaves. So I'll say once again, if you enjoy current hip-hop, support your underground record labels like Definitive Jux and Rhymesayers. I have no doubt that you will blown away with your findings. But if you are supporting Eminem this far into his rapidly declining career, there's really no hope for you. It's time to demand more from our music, and stop supporting Clear Channel executives, and stop buying crap. If nobody out there agrees with me, then I know how little hope there is for my generation.
17 of 34 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo Also see Music Dude "Music Dude"s review
Its obvious Eminem is exhausted from the constant beefing and making underground songs due to the beef with Benzino and Murder Inc. Not to mention he was working on Obie's album, D12's album (which is a tremendous follow-up to devils night), and G-unit albums both as a group and solo. Encore was meant to piggyback The Eminem Show and close that chapter of his life. The beefs are over. He had to address the Benzino racism allegations publicly on the album. Hes tired and still put out Encore. Now lets clairify something. Jay-Z has put out like 10 or 12 albums. Some of them weren't so hot. Even if Encore is Eminems worst music yet, its only bad by Eminem standards and its still better than 90% of whats out there. This album is definitely worth buying whether you are an Eminem fan or not. He will rest, something will piss him off, and on his next album he will rebound. But most importantly, 50 will be back soon, and he will undoubtedly sit in hip-hop's throne....at least until Em releases album #5
23 of 33 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo Hey guys! Let's be a little more patient--I'll tell you why.
Hey, I know I'm just an older guy who's actually a very new Eminem fan, but I think we need to remember that Eminem, like almost every other artist, is going to want to experiment and try out different types of albums throughout what's going to be a long career for this guy! So be patient! Why? Because if he really falls flat and this CD doesn't sell well, I guarantee you he'll be thinking things over!

The CD has some interesting plusses. I got to hear Eminem working with 50 Cent, D-12, Nate Dogg, Obie Trice, and Stat Quo. This was a huge extra for a middle aged white guy like me interested in getting to know rap better. A lot of the lyrics throughout are actually somewhat poetic; I like the way rap does that. Eminem has strong skills as a rap poet and I think it's awesome!

Yes, it's true--there's not the intense anger in the lyrics there way there has been on previous Eminem albums. (I've heard his songs occasionally before.) Yet give him time; he's going to experiment and try new things here and like I said before if he falls down real hard he'll think it over! SMILE

The quality of the sound is excellent. People have been saying that the song "Mosh" is good; and I agree, too.

After all is said and done, even though he may have disappointed the majority of his long time fans with this one maybe he's trying to see what he can do in a somewhat different direction. Will he turn off a lot of fans with another CD like this? Time will tell! Eminem does have talent still! I personally think it's way better than I could do--or any other typical person could do! I don't regret buying this CD. I give it four stars, however, because here Eminem did disappoint a very loyal fan base.

15 of 33 people found this review helpful.

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