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Ratings and reviews for Doo - Wops & Hooligans

Ratings and reviews for Doo - Wops & Hooligans
based on 404 rating(s)
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Price: $9.94 $5.94 (30% off)
Trade In Value: $2.70
Artist(s): Bruno Mars
Release Date: 10/5/2010
Binding: Audio CD
Format: CD
Number of Discs: 1
Studio: New Elektra
Manufacturer: New Elektra
Product Group: Music
Genre: Rock
Sales Rank: 177
Description: Calling all doo - wops & hooligans! Experience the widely anticipated debut album from hitmaker Bruno Mars. Includes 'Just The Way You Are,' 'Grenade,' 'Count On Me,' and more. For more information visit brunomars.com
UPC: 075678912153

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amazon logo SKYROCKETS to the Top!
It was B.O.B's mega hit "Nothin on You" where I was first introduced to the incredibly gifted Bruno Mars. The hook he sung made a lasting impression... On Doo-Wops and Hooligans, Bruno shows the world not only his incredible vocal range but the strength of his song-writting and versatility as a muscian. He plays most of the instruments himself.

The result: Ten great songs with at least three sure fire hit singles. Those being the current r'n'b flavored hit "Just the Way you are", "Grenade" (his latest release) and "Count on Me." There are even two collaborations. One a reggae styled duet with Damien Marley and the other with Cee Lo and B.O.B

If you love Usher, Outkast, John Legend then pick this cd up. Bruno's voice and style is totally unique. You can't put it into any one box. Here's hoping that this is the first of many cds in a long and promising career...

The one regret: at 35 minutes, the album is far too short. Why not have included "Somewhere in Brookyn" or even a second remix of "Just the Way you are"?

UPDATE: Since my initial review Amazon now sells the SPECIAL EDITION CD which is called the Oz or Australian Tour version. It contains the same bonus tracks featured on the Japan-only release.
Here you have all 10 of the original tracks plus the following 6 bonus ones. These being:
1- Just the way you are (remix ft. Lupe Fiasco)
2- Somewhere in Brooklyn (previously only available as a digital download)
3- Talking to the moon (acoustic piano version)
4 - Just the way you are (Walmart Soundcheck version that was recorded in front of a select audience in Las Vegas)
5 - Grenade (Walmart Soundtrack version also from Las Vegas)
6 - The other side (Walmart Soundtrack version live from Las Vegas)

The live tracks illustrate just what a talented singer and band Bruno has and will bring a great smile to you upon listening to them. I know that the price is a bit steep but for you diehards this is the definitive version of Bruno's multi-platinum debut album!
I can hardly wait for his latest single "It will rain" that is slated to be on the Twillight's Breaking Dawn soundtrack slated for release this November.

49 of 52 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo did not receive
I have not received this product yet. Tracking shows that it is still in transit, last scan on pkg was on Dec 24 in West Virginia showing that it was in transit. I do not know who to contact or how to contact anyone to get this resent. I also have already been charged for the product. This is the first time this has happened but it is a real inconvienience especially since it was ordered on Dec 17 and estimated delivery day was between Dec. 21-23 and it was a christmas present.
0 of 37 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo Instant Classic
Bruno Mars literally sprung up out of nowhere this year when he appeared on B.O.B.'s hit single Nothin On You. He had an undeniably smooth voice with a unique quality that made him instantly likable. I will admit that Bruno Mars does show flashes of Michael Jackson in his voice in the same type of way that Ne-Yo has some shades of MJ in his voice. This is not to say he sings or sounds like Michael, just that certain notes he hits reminds of the late great. However that little quality did not cause me to overrate this album. Bruno Mars is extremely talented and is a star waiting to happen.

Having also appeared on Travie McCoy's successful single Billionaire as well as helping produce the magnificent Cee-Lo Green single "F You", Bruno finally drops his much anticipated album. Earlier he released a 4 song EP "Its Better If You Don't Understand" which was a great record. However, 3 of those 4 songs made it to his debut album Doo Wops & Hooligans. That would not be so bad if the album was longer than 10 tracks. It's still not really a problem since the album is filled with great songs. The single Just The Way You Are is 5 stars all the way as well as Grenade, Talking To The Moon and Lazy Song. Bruno Mars mixes soul with reggae and pop but does so effortlessly and with such style and grace. Vocally he's one of the best male singers to emerge in quite a while and the production is timeless. The lyrics are original and sung with passion. Cee-Lo Green, B.O.B., and Damian Marley make cameos but Bruno was not outshined on his own project.

Doo Wops & Hooligans is easily one of the better albums of the year. I'd rank it up there with Janelle Monae, Nneka, and Corinne Bailey Rae's efforts. It's unfortunate that Bruno Mars has encountered a bit of trouble as this album was released but it's easy to see he has the talent to be a cornerstone in music for years to come. 5 stars.
29 of 32 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo Worst recording quality ever!
I first downloaded the Mp3 version of "Just the way you are" and it was terrible. Thinking it was a compression issue, I bought the CD just to find that it also was just as bad. It sounds like a tape quality recording... not something you expect in 2010! Too bad as the songs are good.
9 of 31 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo Pure Talent!
Amazing album! Lyrics are great, beats are great, album will have you pressing repeat over and over! Bruno Mars is a talented artist! Only complaint is that there are only 10 tracks on the album ... give us more Bruno! :)
21 of 26 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo Weak Debut From A Singer Capable Of More
Using a hook singer to push a single is nothing new in the hip hop genre, some time the results are successful, such as the classic Ghostface Killah & Carl Thomas song Never Be The Same of disastrous the Lloyd Banks & Musiq Soulchild track Addicted from Bank's second album . Last spring rising hip hop artist B.O.B. had a smash hit with the Bruno Mars assisted Nothing On You from B.O.B., Mars followed up that song with a equally successful single the Travie McCoy late summer hit Billionaire. On the heels of a possible jail sentence, we now have Bruno Mars debut album. Unlike hook singers Bruno decided to release his album while the iron was hot.
1. Grenade - This is a rock influenced song where Bruno's vocals seem to go with beat very naturally. Mr. Mars even sings some of the riffs similar to the late MJ. *** out of ****
2. Just The Way You Are - The lead single which is straight bubble gum pop. I'm a grown man so this song didn't really appeal to me but once again the vocals are good. *** out of ****
3. Our First Time - I was waiting for a slow jam from Mr. Mars and this is one of the few on the CD. The arrangement reminds me of something that Robin Thicke would do. **** out of ****.
4. Runaway Baby - As I soon as I heard the production on the song, I knew I wouldn't like it. Bruno gives one of his worst vocals on this track and it sounds like something Ricky Martin would have done back in 1999. * out of ****.
5. The Lazy Song - Listening to this track, I got the feeling Bruno just wanted to have a humorous song on his disc. Just as the title implies this is a lazy song. ** out of ****.
6. Marry You - I'm not really a rock fan but while listening to this song I did find myself tapping my feet and I could easily see this song being sung on an episode of Glee in a Will & Emma fantasy sequence. *** out of ****
7. Talking To The Moon - Finally we have a track on par with Our First Time. I could easily relate to the message in the song about being away from a loved one.
8. Liquor Store Blues (Feat. Damian Marley) - The production on this track was a little weak but the Damian Marley cameo saves it. *** out of ****.
9. Count On Me - Count Of Me is a folk inspired ballad similar to something Jason Marz might be. If he doesn't go to jail and with a great band backing him, this song will sound great live. ****
10. The Other Side (Feat Cee Lo Green & B.o.B) - The last song on the album gets some cool points since it's refreshing just to hear Cee Lo sing. *** out of ****

Overall this isn't a horrible debut album, it is a mediocre album. I thought for sure that Bruno would go for a straight R&B album with top notch production, instead he's given us a Jason Marz sounding album. Bruno has a naturally smooth falsetto voice and while he couldn't handle to other falsetto's singers like El Debarge or Ralph Tresvant, the weak production on this disc hurts Bruno more than it helps. Given that Bruno is a fan of doo-wop I have to wonder why he didn't enlist the production of Raphael Saadiq who had an amazing album with the Motown inspired The Way I See It . If Bruno wants to have a longer career in the music industry he'll need to come a little stronger next time or his career could end up like Nate Dogg's.

5 of 24 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo Meandering in the middlebrow...
Bruno Mars has, almost overnight, become pretty recognizable in the music industry. He's like the male equivalent of Nicki Minaj. If you want a slick vocal to lace your chorus lines, you call Mars (just like if you want a catchy female rapper to spice up your remix you call Minaj).

`Doo-Wops & Hooligans' marks Mars' solo effort.

There is no denying that Bruno Mars has a beautifully toned voice. His vocals are crisp and smooth and delightful to listen to. From the show he made with select radio singles, Mars wet our appetite and got us hooked with his hooks. We wanted to hear more. Sadly, this debut album doesn't really deliver 100 percent. In fact, it leaves a lot to be desired.

It's kind of mediocre.

In a nutshell, I still love `Just The Way You Are'; it's a beautiful yet simple take on love and I fell for it immediately. `Grenade' almost feels like the dark side to the first single. The construction is similar, just more intense. I like the song, although I must admit that the lyrical content on the chorus can be a tad obvious, which I'm not really a fan of. It's like `lyrics 101'; very amateur writing. His conviction though, is very convincing. `Count on Me' sounds like a Jason Mraz song. It has a bouncy and catchy vibe. It's a little cheesy in parts (well, almost all parts) but it will get you swaying to the beat and it's a sweet song. I know that `Marry Me' is all sorts of ridiculous cheesiness, but I totally adore it. Maybe it has something to do with the whole `Glee' take on it last week, but I just swallow that track up with nothing short of wholehearted affections.

`Talking to the Moon' is a sweet ballad, but it lacks any real punch to make it wholly memorable. His voice sounds great, but it doesn't `pop' aesthetically. `The Lazy Song' is just stupid. It isn't really funny or witty; it's just lazy and amateur. I mean, aside from the sexual connotation, it seems like a children's song, like commercialized Smash Mouth. To say I hate the song would be an understatement. `Runaway Baby' is fun and stands out because of the audaciousness of it all. It has a spunky and vibrant vibe, so I thoroughly enjoy it, even if the lyrics seem contradictory.

I know `Our First Time' is supposed to be seductive and sexy but it's rather bland and boring.

The vampire craze hit Mars, so he closed his album with `The Other Side' where he enlists the help of `it-man' Cee-Lo Green and that mediocre flash in the pan known as B.o.B. to help him spit a few verses about convincing some chick to convert to vampirism. Um, it's a decent track when all is said and done. It's catchy and stylish, but there is something missing from it. `Liquor Store Blues' is just weird. I mean, reggae is not something you just `mess' with.

It just doesn't work.

So, in the end the album is just kind of `meh'. I mean, I like some of the songs and then I actually love two or three of them, but overall the feeling I get is one of being increasingly under-whelmed, so I can't say that I really recommend this album as a whole.

Download `Marry Me' and `Just The Way You Are'.
8 of 14 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo Bruno Mars is the New MJ.
Bruno Mars (Peter Gene Hernandez) has been in a musical family, since birth. He has Philipino, Hawaiian and Puerto-Rican backrounds and his musical influence has spanned even wider.

He has co-written songs for : K'naan (Waving Flag), Flo-Rida (Right Round), Adam Levine, Cee-lo (F*** You) and manyyyy more. Him and his producion team - The SMEEZINGTONS are on fire and so in demand.

He wrote and produced all the songs on this album. He moved to LA at 17 and has to work his way up, hitting the low point of having to sell all his instruments and being at the risk of having his phone bill cut off. He has worked so hard for this album and every track is a SMEEZE (a hit).

"Grenade" - he pours his HEART, SOUL and KIDNEY into it.
"Runaway Baby" - fun track I have on repeat.
"Talking to the Moon" - you've felt like this too
"The lazy song" - Jason Mraz like genius.

His voice has been perfected and come clear crisp and smooth. Youtube his live videos for the SAME voice. No auto-tune or anything.

I got dissuaded by the cocaine charge as well, but as I read more into it, I found that he did it ONE night after a show in Las Vegas, and it was the first time he'd done drugs (hence why he got caught like 10 mins after -_- ) He called the mistake "foolish" and got off with a warning from the LAPD cause it was his first offence.

BUY his album.
I used to illegally download. But this man actually deserves a PURCHASEEE.
So good.
And he's influenced by Doowop music.

Brunooo Mars all the way man!
7 of 8 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo Very Good
I like every song involving Bruno Mars, from the collaborations to the EP, and this album is GOOD, i love the first song "Grenade", one of the best songs i have ever heard. The rest of the album is great, laid back, easy to listen music.

Highly Recomendable.

Top Songs:
Just the way you are
The lazy song
Count on me
The Other Side
6 of 8 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo Incredible
I am a 63 yr old guy who was raised on rock n roll. Pop has never been anything i really cared for, Reggae bores me after a single stanza and anything even remotely close to hip hop, well, don't get me started . From the very first notes of Grenade i was hooked. I bought the CD and haven't listened to another damned thing for 2 weeks. There is nothing on this CD that i DON'T like. I am now a died in the wool damn the torpedoes and full on Bruno Mars afficianado. The lyrics the beats and tempo's just grab me and hold on. Don't take my word for it though. Go guy it now!
5 of 5 people found this review helpful.

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