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Ratings and reviews for Charmin Ultra Strong, Mega Rolls, 6 Count Pack (Pack of 3) 18 Total Rolls [Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging]

Ratings and reviews for Charmin Ultra Strong, Mega Rolls, 6 Count Pack (Pack of 3) 18 Total Rolls  [Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging]
based on 224 rating(s)
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Price: $37.64 $37.64 (17% off)
Release Date: 7/12/2010
Binding: Health and Beauty
Studio: Charmin
Manufacturer: Charmin
Product Group: Health and Beauty
Sales Rank: 100694
Description: Charmin Ultra Strong Toilet Paper. For a clean you will notice. Charmin Ultra Strong with Diamond Weave texture is more durable so you can use 4X less than the leading value brand.
UPC: 767644063364

Reviews 1 to 10 of 224
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amazon logo Excellent!
Before I even start on my review, let me ask you this. What have you been eating that you need ultra strong toilet paper to wipe your butt? When strong or extra strong won't do, you need ultra strong? Shouldn't you be examining your diet first?

Having said that, this TP is indeed ultra strong. I've been using Charmin ultra soft for years, but decided to try this on a whim. And it is what it's advertised to be. Guaranteed, no matter what you've been eating, this will wipe your butt cleanly and without breaking. Grandma's extra thick chili? A case of Montezuma's revenge? E. coli, gastroenteritis? That stuff will go through regular TP like a hot knife through butter and nothing will spoil your day more than fingers which have touched poo, even your own.

But Charmin Ultra Strong? Nothing's going break through this baby. Yup, this baby can handle anything. I've tried and so far, this TP has never broken through, no matter how hard I've wiped, and boy have I tried. It is indeedy the toughest TP I've ever used.

It is however, rather rough. So if you've had a tough day, had a tough meal, have a tough sphincter that can handle tough, and you want a toilet paper that's guaranteed not to break through, this is it. I've sacrificed a few layers of sphincter cells for this review, but yup, this toilet paper is indeed ultra strong. 5 stars.

Price Notes:
You can buy both a 4 pack and a 6 pack but at current prices the 4 pack (24 rolls) is a much better deal than the 6 pack. But note that prices can fluctuate so look for the better deal every time. Both deals are over $25 and so come with free shipping. This is great for people who live in the city and don't want to lug a lot of TP back home on public transport or just don't want to carry bulky stuff.

For those who find this hard to flush (especially with low flow toilets), there are two ways to deal with this.

After pooing and wiping, just hold the TP in your hand and flush (with your other hand). After your poo has swirled down, throw in the TP at the tail end of the flush. The TP will still go through. It will take a little bit of practice to get your timing right but it works for me. This works well not just for this TP but for people who poo big stinkers. It will require you to look at your poo but that's no hardship. It's a quirk of human nature that you can look at your own poo all day long but other people's poo is disgusting despite the fact that poo is poo and your poo isn't any better than anyone else's.

The second way is to flush twice. I know that's more usage of water, but it's better than having a clogged toilet. This means either:
a) Flushing your poo and TP separately.
b) Flushing halfway through your session. For those who poo really big ones this is the only way to flush no matter what TP you use - it'll take some practice to know exactly when halfway is, it's usually the time when your session changes from a life and death situation to a leisurely experience.

So there you have it, not just a review of TP but a flush etiquette guide.
98 of 108 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo At a loss for words...
What was I thinking? Review this product? We were raised not even to say the words 'toilet paper.' It was 'bathroom tissue.' So let me just get it out of the way and say this product does what one expects products of this type to do, and it does it as well as anyone can wish. In that area, I recommend it as highly as possible. Go out and buy some and you will not go wrong. Okay, now to move on. Quickly.

As you can see, one of the much-vaunted features shown on the Product Page is the Frustration Free Packaging. Now I don't know about you, but opening a roll of bathroom tissue has never struck me as that much of a challenge, and I am not known for my dexterity. However, so far, I have not had one single roll of the stuff escape unopened and make its way back to the jungle. And even if tearing through the outer wrapper and then the individual roll wrappers is time-wasting, ecologically unsound and a little annoying,this does not cause me to experience feelings of frustration and failure. I let the rest of my life fill in those blanks. The one area I can always be counted on for success is unwrapping the bathroom tissue, although I have learned to stop showing off this accomplishments to my colleagues and... OOOps, I just realized. It's "AMAZON" frustration free packaging...they're talking about the shipping package. Oh. Well the same holds true. Opening a cardboard box was one of my first adult skills. I can't play piano, but you show me a cardboard box and I'm on it like a duck on a june bug. But back to the review...

Despite my packaging faux pas, I still wholeheartedly recommend this product, not only because of its excellent quality, but because of the quantity. 6 rolls equal 18! This solves the most compelling of problems associated with this product: remembering you need more only when it is too late. In response to this situation, we tend to restock in quanity. The typical warehouse store sells bathroom tissue in monument-sized bundles that have to be strapped to the roof of the car and carried inside by a team of sherpas. Once inside, no closet can hold this...abbondanza, so you have to hide rolls under the sofa, string them on the cat's tail, and stuff them into pillow cases and call them bolsters. With the Charmin Ultra Strong, you just have to tuck 6 fat little rolls away and there you go.

61 of 78 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo Great TP; rip-off price
This is a review for Charmin Ultra Strong Mega Rolls. Great TP. Love the big rolls so I don't have to replace them so often. My beef is with the price. Love the Subscribe & Save feature, and I use it for several different items, but I was getting skeptical about the price here for TP. I went to Target today and took some pics w/my phone of various household items I was considering subscribing to from Amazon. What a difference in price! For the Charmin Ultra Strong Mega Rolls, quantity 18, where on the packaging it says "18 mega rolls = 72 regular rolls," the Target store price is regularly $20.99. Here on Amazon, the "List price" which is crossed out (so it looks like it's on sale) is $42.86! (Huh? How'd they get that high list price?) The Amazon price is $32.87! With Subscribe & Save, saving 5%, it's still $31.23! The site allows me to clip a 25 cent coupon, which brings it down to it's lowest possible price of $30.98! That's still $10 higher (which is about 50% of the cost of the item!) than the regular Target store price. I love the idea of getting bulky items like TP shipped regularly to my doorstep, but it's not a good deal. It may feel like you're getting a good deal with the free shipping, crossed out list price, subscribe & save discount, and clipped coupon, but actually it's not. It's a convenience that costs an extra $10 per shipment. For me, I decided to NOT to buy TP on Amazon, but to keep it on my regular Target/grocery shopping list.
26 of 26 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo I need toilet paper
I need toilet paper... I want amazon to ship me some ASAP... I have a subscription but they are currently out of the product. What am I supposed to do amazon??? Please send me some today!!!

Amazon I am not happy with the HUGE increase in price... what is going on???
0 of 19 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo ****much cheaper at WalMart
I LOVE Charmin toilet paper but buying this is not a bargain. I can purchase 24 mega-rolls at WalMart for $30. You only get 18 mega-rolls in this box for $30. You do save from buying here because you don't have to pay tax or gas to drive to the store but it is not enough to off-set the cost of this toilet paper.

The toilet paper is 2-ply (some reviewers have said that it's only 1-ply). It did come in different packaging then showed in the picture but that wasn't a big deal.
7 of 14 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo very good product, but priced a bit high on Amazon
I am quite pleased with this product, for all of the reasons others have mentioned. My only product concern is that the mega rolls can be too large to fit easily on some dispensers. It's a bit of a nuisance, because when the roll is full, it has to be forced a bit to unroll, but the product is worth it. However, I have found a better price at Costco for the same product when it is in their coupon book.
9 of 11 people found this review helpful.
I have purchased the large rolls on amazon before and they were as expected - same quality as in the store. This is my first time purchasing the Amazon mega rolls and this is not the same product! This is cheap and falls apart all over your important parts! I called Amazon and they refunded my money. I will be purchasing the large rolls again instead of the mega ones in this listing.
5 of 11 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo Best Charmin Toilet Paper
I tried out Charmin's Ultra Strong and Ultra Soft toilet papers at the same time, and my decision is in:

Charmin's Ultra Strong is stronger. And it is also softer. It wins the battle for toilet paper superiority in my bathroom. While I had initially theorized that it might behoove me to layer the Ultra Soft over the Ultra Strong (and perhaps tear a hole in space-time, but at least the Ultra Strong could keep it clean and confident), but that has proven unnecessary. A blind test with my spouse showed that my impressions were correct and that the Ultra Strong is stronger and softer. (A blind face test, no less!)

So, if you're buying Charmin, get this. It's stronger. It's softer. It's YOUR tp.
8 of 10 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo Ultra Strong in Mega Roll size NOT the same TP as other sizes
I usually use Charmin Ultra Strong and really like it. I usually get a case of "Big Rolls".
So I figured I would try these "Mega Rolls". Big Rolls have something like 175 sheets per roll, Mega Rolls have something like 350 sheets per roll. All right, I thought, twice the TP.

HOWEVER, the toilet paper on these Mega Rolls is not the same as the TP in the Big Rolls! It is noticeably thinner, which makes it feel much coarser. It's still strong, sure, but it doesn't feel soft and comfortable like the Charmin Ultra Strong I usually use.

I think this is because the Mega Rolls are designed to still fit in a standard size toilet paper holder - that's an advertised feature. I guess they accomplish that by making the toilet paper thinner. What a shame.

So, if you want the "good" Charmin Ultra Strong, buy the Big Rolls, not the Mega.
6 of 8 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo Charmin' Toilet Paper :)
Used in a girls-only household, by three people. We'd previously used the Kirkland Signature toilet paper from Costco, which is the nice-quality thin type. Comparatively, we all liked the feel of the Charmin paper better. It is thick and soft without feeling too thick and soft (I feel the really thick stuff is a waste). I like to use toilet paper as tissues, and the Charmin stuff felt really nice on my nose. One reviewer complained that this paper had a tendency to fall apart. I don't know what they were using it for, but I never had that problem over the month I've used it (a single roll, for one person). My little sister did say that the squares tear apart from each other easier than the Kirkland brand, but it never really bothered me.
I liked the mega rolls and how they were packaged in sets of four, which made them easy to store.

I like the Charmin paper better than the Kirkland brand, but I am not sure if it is enough for me to switch over. Kirkland costs me about $20 for 36 rolls vs the $30 for 24 rolls of the Charmin. But it is certainly something I will consider.
6 of 8 people found this review helpful.

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