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Ratings and reviews for $20 PlayStation Store Gift Card - PS3/ PS4/ PS Vita [Digital Code]

Ratings and reviews for $20 PlayStation Store Gift Card - PS3/ PS4/ PS Vita [Digital Code]
based on 1931 rating(s)
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Price: $19.99 $19.99
System: Macintosh
Release Date: 3/11/2011
Binding: Software Download
Format: Download
Studio: Sony PlayStation Network
Manufacturer: Sony PlayStation Network
Product Group: Digital Video Games
Edition: $20 Code
ESRB Rating: Everyone
Genre: Action Games
Hardware Platform: Playstation 3
Sales Rank: 1

Reviews 1 to 10 of 1931
Pageof 194
amazon logo Worked Perfectly
Work perfectly just as any other PSN card would. No taxes as usual with these cards, instantly given to you and there is a option to email code to anyone you wan't. Just hope to see $10 dollar instant codes available in the future.
172 of 197 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo GREAT!
This is a awesome feature. You purchase it and are given the code immediately so that you do not have to wait for anything. Which is the same as if you did it through the PSN network or went to a store and purchased a card. I love this new option because I sell my old games back to amazon, and now with the credits they give me I can either buy new games or put it on my PSN account. This is GREAT!
102 of 117 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo WORKS LIKE A DREAM!
Since the PSN is often on the fritz and doesn't allow it's members to "ADD FUNDS" via credit/debit, this is a good alternative method to buying games. Simply buy the card from Amazon.com and enter the code given after purchase into the "Redeem Codes" area on the PSN via PC, PS3 or PSP. I have purchased two already and in my experience the codes were delivered in minutes if not instant!
84 of 103 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo It is ridiculous that this item is no longer offered on Amazon anymore.
Online delivery is the best option for a PSN code, and Amazon used to offer it. Now we're expected to buy a physical card that costs more than the value ON the card? This is ridiculous. Offer the same item online code for $20 with a $20 value that I purchased several months ago.
41 of 50 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo Great Service - Double Tax?
Hi this services is great I get code instantly after I paid the card.

Why do we have to pay double taxes? first at the point when buyin the card, and later when buying a game from the store with the card credit. $4.44 Tax.

Check your state taxes info before buying it ;)
39 of 47 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo RIP OFF!!!
Don't pay over face value for a PSN card like this, people!!! $8 to ship a card? LOL!!!!!!!! Go to Glyde, they sell $20 PSN cards for $17 shipped (or even less if you have a coupon!!). Unbelievable greed on behalf of the third party sellers here.
12 of 39 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo Can Be Purchased Outside of US!
Usually, I just add funds directly from my credit card if I want to purchase games/items from PSN Store. But since I am currently not in US, the PSN rejected my request to add funds directly. Plus, retailers in my country are selling the PSN cards at much higher price (about 60% higher! can you believe that??). Therefore this situation kinda turn me into a sad panda.

Then I discovered this service.

I purchased the card, get the code and immediately entered it...BANG! It works! You don't know how happy I am that I can finally purchase games/add-ons that I want

Okay sorry for the exaggeration. Nevertheless, thank you Sony for providing this service! It's nice to add different ways to add funds to our PSN wallet.
37 of 38 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo not instant download
I tried to download this thing and it took hours. It would have been faster to just go to a store and buy a card. Complete wast of time.
8 of 31 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo Rediculous redemption time
7/3/11 - It has been over two hours and the order did not process. I have purchased this item digitally before and the production of a code is usually instantaneous. Do not order this item currently as there has to be some problem with their redemption process at Sony for their vendors.

7/3/11 - I stopped waiting after two hours. It is now 5 hours later. The code has arrived.
7 of 30 people found this review helpful.
amazon logo Sucks
i dont know why i would have to put a credit card # i mean we should be able to use our gift cards to buy this item
4 of 21 people found this review helpful.

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